We accept the following payment methods, please let us know which one you prefer so We can offer the below information:

When you are paying bills, sending money, or purchase, it works hard to keep your financial information secure.
No need to enter all your financial information every time you shop. Speed ​​through checkout with PayPal.
Signing up free, also make purchases and send money. using your balance orbank account, at no extra cost.

Method I

Pay with PayPal or Visa & Master or other credit cards, debit cards from the cart page.

No need to go to the next step “Proceed to checkout”, Click PAYPAL, or select the credit card & Debit button to complete the purchase process directly on the cart page.

1. PayPal payment: just click the PayPal button to pay, the “PayPal checkout” button.

2. Debit or Credit card payment: Directly choose Debit or “Visa®, MasterCard®, etc”, one of which can be paid directly by Debit or Credit card button with a direct click to pop up the dialog box. The billing information and shipping information is directly filled in the credit card payment gateway, your order detail information will then be returned to our website, Don’t worry about missing orders and any security issues.


Payment processing occurs on Paypal servers so you don’t have to worry about handling sensitive payment information on our site.
This payment method skips the proceed to the checkout process, and customers leave your site from the Cart page to complete checkout through Paypal or credit card platform.

Method II

Click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button jump to the checkout page

2. PayPal or Credit Card Payment Online (Recommend)

We also accept credit card payments through the PayPal payment system. PayPal payment system supports VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal.

PayPal is the safest way to pay online, even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can still pay with debit or credit card through PayPal.

Choose a way to pay:

With a PayPal Account
1. During checkout choose PayPal
2. Log in to your PayPal account
3. Complete the transaction
4. You will receive an email once the payment has been processed and received.

With Debit or Credit Card through PayPal
No PayPal account needed!
1. During checkout choose PayPal
2. Scroll down to the option to “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
3. Complete the transaction
4. You will receive an email once the payment has been processed and received.

3. Pay by Visa, MasterCard

We accept Visa, MasterCard from most locations worldwide. When our credit card gateway payment shows what is failed, Maybe there is some technical problem about our credit card payment gateway limit:
1) Whether a credit card Exceeds the maximum amount by the bank limit or Reveal high risk, Please contact the bank to remove the restrictions.
2) Please try to pay “PayPal or Credit Card Payment Online (Recommend)”.
3) Re-order this order and pay by credit card on the cart page.