Blond hair, blue eyes, like the girl next door. Time flies. The little girl has grown up and become more beautiful and sexy. Maybe you’ve never played together before, just met once in a while. Do you still know her when you meet her today? It’s have a little impression.

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170cm (5’57”) Golden Girl Big Boobs G-Cup

Specification: Material Medical TPE Skeleton Natural Skin Color Tan Height 60.28ft(170cm) Upper breast 35.46in(90cm) Lower breast 23.64in(60cm) Bra Size G

145cm(4’76”) A-cup Sex Doll Ewong

The love doll Ewong is a sleeping beauty,who are closed eyes. She is waiting her prince.She looks so enjoyable, so

157cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Auburn

Auburn is an uncommon sex doll with fiery red hair. She is a college student from Seattle, and most of

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Alivia

Features: Alivia is a strippers sex doll, she working in a bar.  She loves dancing. She can dance waltz, ballet,

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Melissa

This lifelike sex doll  Melissa is pretty cool ,high quality with best price .and she can satisfy with you all

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Kaia

Kaia has a generous booty to die for, not to mention her robust thighs and tempting F-cup breasts! Run your

140cm(4’59”) F-cup Sex Doll Lucy

140cm(4’59”) F-cup Sex Doll Lucy, She’ll have you hot for her ultra sexy strong body with defined curves, fat realistic

150cm 5ft1 M-cup Sex Doll Karla

22-year-old Karla is a stripper with an amazing body. “It should be a crime for me to ever put on

153cm 5ft F-cup Sex Doll Nicky

Specification: Height  5 ft 0 in. / 153 cm. Weight  68 lbs. / 31 kg. Body Length  52.8 in. /

153cm(5″02″) E-cup Sex Doll Elsa

She is a good girl, have not so much experience. Elsa like listening music, surfing the internet. Recently, she want

155cm 5ft10 C-cup Sex Doll Kinsley

The blonde girl,Kinsley is24 years old, she is a model, she takes a lot of pictures for man. She wives her

156cm 5ft1 H Cup Sex Doll Holly

Height: 5 ft 1 in. / 156 cm. Huge Breasts Weight: 73 lbs. / 33 kg. Body Length: 55.5 in. / 141 cm.

156cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Caterina

Caterina is a small, petite blonde who is a little shy by nature. “I was raised by my mother to

156cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Gabriella

With Gabriella, the spotlight is squarely on her ass. And muscular thighs that will wrap around your hips in the

156cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Rakel

Key Features Blonde Sex Doll B-Cup Breasts 5 feet 2 inches tall (156 cm) Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible

157cm 5ft B-cup Sex Doll Isabella

Description Isabella is an uncommon sex doll with short hair. she is 19 years old, comes from Tokyo. She has a small

157cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Jennifer

Southern belles don’t get any more charming than our lady from Charleston, South Carolina, here. Born into a family with

157cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Lexi

Skinny girls rule! It isn’t just big boobs and butts that get picked from the SiliconWives website, but slim and

157cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Molly

Dates are never boring with girls from deep Texas. They’re super sassy, naughty, haughty, and carelessly crushing hearts with the

158cm 5ft18 E-cup Sex Doll Skye

Skye is an outdoorsy girl from PA, who keeps herself in shape by playing a lot of sports and going

158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Jocelyn

158cm Sex Doll Jocelyn is Baker, working in a dessert shop, named Sweet House. She can make a lot of  delicious

158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Skyler

158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Skyler, she is sweet girl, has beautiful looks and witty mind. she is waitress, but

158cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Harlem

Tired of looking at skinny girls? Wish beautiful women these days had more meat to their bones? We think our

158cm 5ft2 E-cup Sex Doll Celine

Sweet, soft and voluptuous is this blonde French girl from the valley of River Marne ??where champagne comes from. The