Tan is the most healthy color, so many people like tan. It will make us healthier to bask in the sun on the beach. If you take a beautiful doll on vacation with you, is it very pleasant. It’s better to bring a tan sex doll.

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158cm Mighty Chesty Cow-Girl Cindy For Male Doll

Features: This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched

170cm (5ft 7) C – Cup – JY Doll

She has a perfect body and a very beautiful butt. It is 170cm tall and C-cup, is the golden ratio

Life Size Sex Doll 166cm(5’45”) C-cup Lara

If you like them hot, fit and sizzling with sex appeal, you can’t do better than Lara. Standing at 4

145cm(4’76”) A-cup Sex Doll Ewong

The love doll Ewong is a sleeping beauty,who are closed eyes. She is waiting her prince.She looks so enjoyable, so

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Angelina

Angelina is a house girl, she does not like to go out to play, she likes to watch TV at

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Cherrie

Cherrie is the kind of woman you imagine when you think of Rio. The flawless, sun-drenched skin, the amazing curves,

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Alana

The love doll, Alana has fiery red hair. She is an outdoorsy girl from Colorado, who keeps herself in shape by

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Melissa

This lifelike sex doll  Melissa is pretty cool ,high quality with best price .and she can satisfy with you all

136cm(4’46”) E-cup Sex Doll Victoria

Features: This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Kaia

Kaia has a generous booty to die for, not to mention her robust thighs and tempting F-cup breasts! Run your

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Sabrina

Features: Sabrina is the dream girl wandering the beaches in her impossibly tiny thong, causing car accidents and whiplash. She’s

140cm(4’59”) F-cup Sex Doll Jasmyn

Jasmyn is a Real Love Sex Dolls exclusive, with her 140 cm, f-cup body. Jasmyn spell all of her time

140cm(4’59”) F-cup Sex Doll Lucy

140cm(4’59”) F-cup Sex Doll Lucy, She’ll have you hot for her ultra sexy strong body with defined curves, fat realistic

145cm(4’76”) A-cup Sex Doll Grace

Grace is cute lovely girl. 145cm is 4’76” tall and the smallest breasted of any of the body styles. She

152cm(5’00”) G-cup Sex Doll Gloria

The realistic sex doll of your dreams, Gloria stands 5ft (152cm) , has big breasts(G-cup), and cute butt. She works in a

153cm(5’02”) E-cup Sex Doll Sophia

“I think I am bisexual”, that way, says the 24-year-old barista who works part-time at a Starbucks in Nashville. “I

155cm 5ft10 C-cup Sex Doll Kinsley

The blonde girl,Kinsley is24 years old, she is a model, she takes a lot of pictures for man. She wives her

158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Daisy

Daisy is a secretary, but she is boring. She’s actively looking for a suitable man who will value her worth as

158cm(5’18”) C-cup Sex Doll Lyla

Lyla is a housewife, she didn’t have much social experiences. But she has good temperament and patient. “I would try

158cm(5’18”) C-cup Sex Doll Olivia

Oliva is a quite and lovely sex doll, she is a student, studying in MC music college. music is her favor.

158cm(5’18”) F-cup Sex Doll Juile

The lovely doll Juile is 158 cm(5.18ft), is from Vietnam, Asia. Don’t look at her petite body, but she has an

158cm(5’18”) F-cup Sex Doll Sukie

The blonde is named Sukie, she is from an American, born in a ordinary family. She wanted to learn ballet

160cm(5’25”) B-cup Sex Doll Katie

The sex doll Katie was a nurse, worked in hospital, but now she is quit. she wanna be a dancer

161 cm 5ft28 F cup Sex Doll Arlene

She commands your attention everywhere she goes. You just can’t assume her presence. Her beautiful chisel-shaped face, starry Eyes,full lips,