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158cm(5’18”) F-cup Sex Doll Catherine

Catherine is a beautiful sex doll, she has long black hair, and she’s breasts are f-cup. Everyone seems to love her

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Alivia

Features: Alivia is a strippers sex doll, she working in a bar.  She loves dancing. She can dance waltz, ballet,

145cm 4ft75 A-cup Sex Doll Stephanie

Stephanie is a quite and lovely sex doll, she like to play hide and seek. I will hide something, and you

145cm(4’76”) A-cup Sex Doll Selina

Selina is a traditional Japanese love doll.she moved from Japanese to American for her study.Her grades are very good, especially

145cm(4’76”) E-cup Sex Doll Aileen

Aileen like Christmas well. In that day, she can see the snow, it is beautiful. When snowing, she make a wish

153cm(5’02”) E-cup Sex Doll Ivy

Ivy is a hot sex doll and a brothel-owner in Nevada, who has spent her whole life at the home. She know how

153cm(5″02″) E-cup Sex Doll Elsa

She is a good girl, have not so much experience. Elsa like listening music, surfing the internet. Recently, she want

158cm 5ft18 D-cup Sex Doll Zara

She commands your attention everywhere she goes. You just can’t assume her presence. Her beautiful chisel-shaped face, starry Eyes,full lips,

158cm 5ft18 E-cup Sex Doll Lena

Lena is a Introvert sex doll, who always stay at home, she don’t like talk, so she has not friends. She feels

158cm 5ft18 E-cup Sex Doll Skye

Skye is an outdoorsy girl from PA, who keeps herself in shape by playing a lot of sports and going

158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Dorothy

158cm 5ft18 Sex Doll Dorothy has F-cup. She is traditional Japanese girl, she like all traditional Japanese things, for example Tempura, Flower

158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Jocelyn

158cm Sex Doll Jocelyn is Baker, working in a dessert shop, named Sweet House. She can make a lot of  delicious