Although we have many sex dolls, we don’t stop there. We are trying to cooperate with more brands to enrich our new doll categories. It also allows customers to choose more satisfactory dolls. Enjoy your shopping.

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157cm (5ft 1) Big Breast Head S35 – Love Doll

This is one of the sexiest dolls here. The intense urban life and repetitive work process make more people lack

157cm (5ft1) Big Breast & Head S71 – Love Doll

Doll Measurements: Height: 157cm / 5’ft 1″ Weight: 37.5 / 826lbs (without head) Busts: 84cm / 33 inch Band: 56cm / 22 inch Waist: 53cm /

158cm(5’18”) D-cup Sex Doll IZZI

IZZI is a model and likes red wine and singing. Red and black are her favorite colors. See if they

158cm(5’18”) E-cup Sex Doll Big Breasts

I invited a beautiful little whore to the house. And yes, I am like that, I like to be in

160cm(5ft 3) K cup – AF Doll

Doll Measurements: Height:160cm / 5’ft 3″ Weight:29kgs / 63.93lbs Busts:76cm / 29.92 inch Band:65cm / 25.59 inch Waist:51cm / 20.08

163cm 5ft35 Silicone Doll E-Cup + S72 Head

Doll Measurements: Height: 5ft4 / 163cm Weight: 75lbs / 34kg Body Length: 57in / 145cm Shoulder Width: 13in / 33cm Arm Length: 24.8in / 63cm

164cm (5 ft 4) E-Cup S23 Silicone Head Love doll

This doll has 164 cm or 5ft 4 E – Cup Body and Silicone Head. Doll Measurements: Height 164cm / 5’ft

164cm (5 ft 4) E-Cup Sex Doll for Loving

Shara is a BBW Doll from She has the huge boobs and the big butt. has a 164cm/5ft4 E

165cm (5 ft 4) Silicone Doll – B – Cup + S62 Head

Doll Measurements: Height: 5 ft 4 in. / 165 cm. Weight: 75 lbs. / 34 kg. Shoulder Width: 13 in. / 33 cm.

165cm (5ft 5) Big Breast – JY Doll

Sexdoll can solve some problems well now, such as the lack of sensory stimulation in adulthood. At this time, Sexdoll

165cm (5ft 5) Big Breast – Sex Doll

Doll Measurements: Material:TPE Body Height:165cm / 5’ft 5″ Weight:32kgs / 70.5lbs Busts:91cm / 35.8 inch Waist:52cm / 20.4 inch Hips:85cm

165cm (5ft 5) Small Breast – Love Doll

Doll Measurements: Material:Hybrid – Silicone Head + TPE Body Height165cm / 5’ft 5″ Weight:32kgs / 70lbs Busts:82cm / 32.2 inch

168cm(5ft 5) G-Cup Muscle – AF Doll

Doll Measurements: Height: 168cm / 5’ft 5″ Weight: 37kgs / 81.57lbs Busts: 93cm / 36.61 inch Band: 71cm / 27.95 inch Waist: 56cm / 22.05

170cm (5ft 7) C – Cup – JY Doll

She has a perfect body and a very beautiful butt. It is 170cm tall and C-cup, is the golden ratio

Life Size Sex Doll 166cm(5’45”) C-cup Lara

If you like them hot, fit and sizzling with sex appeal, you can’t do better than Lara. Standing at 4

158cm(5’18”) F-cup Sex Doll Catherine

Catherine is a beautiful sex doll, she has long black hair, and she’s breasts are f-cup. Everyone seems to love her

145cm(4’76”) A-cup Sex Doll Ewong

The love doll Ewong is a sleeping beauty,who are closed eyes. She is waiting her prince.She looks so enjoyable, so

157cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Auburn

Auburn is an uncommon sex doll with fiery red hair. She is a college student from Seattle, and most of

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Alivia

Features: Alivia is a strippers sex doll, she working in a bar.  She loves dancing. She can dance waltz, ballet,

140cm (4’7) H-Cup Sex Doll Janey

Features: She is a gentle lady, and very beautiful. Wearing a Santa hat. Take her home with you, This is

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Angelina

Angelina is a house girl, she does not like to go out to play, she likes to watch TV at

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Cherrie

Cherrie is the kind of woman you imagine when you think of Rio. The flawless, sun-drenched skin, the amazing curves,

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Alana

The love doll, Alana has fiery red hair. She is an outdoorsy girl from Colorado, who keeps herself in shape by

140cm 4ft59 F-cup Sex Doll Melissa

This lifelike sex doll  Melissa is pretty cool ,high quality with best price .and she can satisfy with you all