Racyme Sex Doll

The old man has no children, but keeps a bunch of sex dolls!

I don’t know if you have seen the movie Lars and the Real Girl. Seeing these photos to share with you today, I immediately thought of this movie that made me feel a little bit. if you are also interested in today’s topic, you can learn about this film. In order to let us better associate their real objects, we call these dolls in the movie Sex Doll!

Danish photographer Benita Marcussen found several lovers of sex dolls on the Internet and persuaded them to let Benita take pictures of their daily relationship with dolls.

Benita found that the money spent by these doll lovers on customizing their “lovers” is incredible.


Can you imagine that they are willing to spend 6000~50000 dollars to customize their own sex dolls. They will choose their favorite skin color, favorite body proportion, eye size and color, and even different hairstyles.

In fact, these dolls have their own reasons to become dolls. Some have been married and had children, and some even ended their marriage of more than 10 years and fell into the world of sex dolls. In the doll control I shot, one who was going to marry his fiancee failed to escape from the sex doll. For these men, sex dolls allow them to live more freely and are always the reason for them to go home. This state of life has been set and will continue. It is hard to extricate oneself.

I don’t have such a strong memory and feeling without opening this topic. Recently, I seem to have seen many films of this theme: due to the development of science and technology, human beings no longer need to rely on communication and cooperation to complete anything, but just need to control the machine themselves. I remember that there was a movie “The Surrogates“, which said that human beings could control a robot avatar by using instruments to help them work and socialize. When a person wanted to face the society, he could no longer naturally communicate and contact with people.

Although the film is an exaggerated script, such a fact does exist. The huge life pressure and the reduction of mutual trust between people have more or less affected the communication mode between people. You can’t deny that social phobia, crowd phobia and communication phobia have indeed occurred in many people. Recently, everyone is saying, let me be a beautiful man quietly.




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