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The SEX DOLL produced by Racyme is purchased by more and more people, and there are some minor problems in the process of using it. In order to let everyone have a good-looking SEX DOLL, we specially wrote the following article on how to clean and maintain it. Help everyone prolong the service life of SEX DOLL, and also make users feel happy physically and mentally.

The material of sex doll is mostly made of silica gel or TPE. Due to its material properties, most of them will inject a kind of oil into the material, which can make him use better and taste less, but it is precisely because of this oil, It makes her surface have slight oil leakage every once in a while, so we need to clean the sex doll branch.
First of all, we need to clean the sex doll’s appearance first. If conditions permit, you can put the sex doll in the bathroom and sit it, and wash it with clean water at room temperature. You can use natural soap or shower gel during the cleaning process. Remember that it must be mild and not strong. Ability to clean the liquid, after cleaning can be wiped dry with a soft dry towel or bath towel. After cleaning, you can use talcum powder (prickly heat powder) to keep the skin surface dry and smooth to the touch.
Then I believe that everyone pays special attention to the cleaning of private parts. After all, it is closely related to the use of buyers. Now there are special flushers on the market that can be installed on water pipes, which can deeply wash out lubricants or dirt. If there is no It doesn’t matter with the washer, you can rinse it directly with a water pipe. It is recommended to take a longer time to clean it and clean it. After rinsing, you can buy a commercially available diatomaceous earth stick to absorb the water, or use a hair dryer to blow it with cold air. Dry.

The last point is very important. Due to the material properties of the sex doll, she is more sensitive to color and is easy to be dyed. It is recommended to solve it in two ways. One is to wash the clothes of the sex doll to ensure that they will not fade before putting on the sex doll , if the color is accidentally stained, you can only use a cotton swab to remove the color paste for treatment, and then wipe it off after staying for about a day (the residence time varies according to different brands). If there are still stains, repeat the above steps until it is cleared until.

Racyme hopes that every sex doll produced can bring pleasure to everyone.

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