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Sex aids can make our sex life colorful

The tense urban life and repetitive work processes make more people less passionate about sex life. Harmonious sex life is particularly important to the feelings between couples. Many couples are looking for ways to have a harmonious sex life. Now more and more tools are available to facilitate this. For example, the following specific tools.

1. Divine oils

This is the kind of Indian divine oil that everyone is familiar with. Its role is to smear it on the glans penis to play a local mucosal anesthetic role, reduce the sensitivity of the external genitalia, thus increasing the intensity of stimulation (threshold) to stimulate ejaculation, and extending the time of sexual love, which is a good promotion for mutual feelings.

2. Extraneous class

Such as the glans coronal groove ring (elastic ring with protrusion stimulator, and the coronal groove fixed under the glans), the penis jacket (usually made of silica gel, which can ‘enlarge and lengthen’ the penis, and more with protrusion stimulator), the condom with protrusion stimulator, and so on. Through growth, women can better experience the power of men, so that women worship men more and men are more confident.

3. Lubricants

Because of age, because the control before sex is not very good, you need lubricant to adjust the lubrication of the female vagina, which can reduce discomfort and even pain during sexual intercourse. Men will also have a good sense of experience. Of course, it is also suitable for women who lack sexual experience and are too nervous to be fully sexually excited. It can make women easily get used to and adapt to the insertion of the penis.

4. Masturbation products

Sometimes the sexual life needs the cooperation of both parties. It may be that one party is inconvenient or has no emotional appeal. At this time, the masturbation device is a good solution to this kind of situation. The masturbation device can be used for men and women. Sexual impulse is a kind of energy. It is better to have a suitable release route than to suppress it with pain.


Sexdoll can solve some problems now, such as the lack of sensory stimulation in adulthood. At this time, Sexdoll can do this very well. The lifelike appearance, affectionate eyes, and it’s exciting for couples to have sex in the eyes of outsiders. Sexdoll can also help when they need assistance. For example, women can watch their lovers have sex with Sexdoll.

6. Drugs

The aphrodisiac drug can solve the lack of passion between husband and wife. Its principle is that after taking it, it quickly passes through the urethra and stimulates the urethral mucosa. The stimulation signal is transmitted to the sexual organs at the same time, triggering sexual desire. “Oestrogenic drugs” are hormones or nerve stimulants! Abuse of these drugs will harm your health. We do not support the use of drugs to “aphrodisiac”. Sex is a purely natural instinct. If you want to rely on drugs to maintain “sexual interest”, it is the next choice. It is meaningless.

I hope everyone can have a very harmonious sex life. Only a harmonious sex life can have a harmonious husband and wife relationship.

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