Racyme Sex Doll

Open a new perspective of Sexdoll

All otaku men must be familiar with Sexdoll. Today, I will explain the real use of Sexdoll from the perspective of otaku men.

Sexdoll’s beautiful face, plump chest and perfect figure make many people closely combine them with sex and feel that Sexdoll is born for sex. However, only those who have really owned know that sex is only a small function of her. The name partner may be more appropriate for her. And she is a partner who will never nag, complain, judge you or cheat you. Isn’t it a happy thing to have such a lovely doll around.

Look at my Sherry. It’s a different life for me

1. Sleep and hug

When I returned home after a day’s work, I turned on the light and found my Sherry waiting for me at home. She would not complain that I came back too late, but looked at me with concern, which made me feel warm at once. After washing, I came to bed and stopped my Sherry to talk about the day’s troubles with her. She listened silently. Isn’t this the dream of every man? It’s easy for me. Stop her soft, lifelike body, embrace her, kiss her, caress her, and enter a sweet dream. What a beautiful day!

2. Tourism

When the weekend came, I didn’t need to call friends or hide my personality. I took my Sherry on a short trip. I gently held my sexdoll by the river and stopped her by the shoulder. No one would disturb us. Isn’t it too beautiful? I can also put on any clothes I like for Sherry without worrying about her dislike. I can let Sherry pose in any way, As long as I like my Sherry, he will cooperate with me.

3. Human body photography

Speaking of this, it must be every man’s dream. When I was young, I had a dream. A girl with a beautiful figure stood in front of me, her clothes slipped gently, and she posed in front of me. I picked up the camera and took the most beautiful pictures. My dream finally came true. Thank Racyme very much, because their sexdoll was so beautiful, I even sometimes had the illusion that I was not taking pictures with sexdoll, It’s about being with the real person. That person is my Sherry.

4. Video recall

I believe everyone has seen adult movies. Even many men have the experience of becoming an actor in their dreams. This is not an embarrassing thing. You can easily realize this dream with your dolls. You just need to prepare the camera and put it in place. Your Sexdoll will realize this dream for you.

5. Camping dinner

You can take your sexdoll to a camp, prepare a delicious tent, put on beautiful clothes for your sexdoll, and come to a grassland. She sat opposite you and watched you eat the delicious food. At night, she accompanied you to lie on the grass and look at the stars in the sky. She listened to your memories, your happiness and your friendliness.

After watching so much, do you still think sexdoll is only about sex? Don’t you want to have your own sex doll?

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