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How Much do You Know About the Weight of Sex Doll

When buying a sex doll, I think it is most easy to ignore its weight. But in fact, when dealing with the sex doll, the weight is very important. The size of the weight is directly related to the size of the sex doll. Sex dolls are usually classified by height, ranging from 65 cm (2 ft 1 in) to 173 cm (5 ft 8 in). Many people who are new to sex doll don’t realize how much weight plays in your choice. But one thing is that the taller the doll, the heavier it is.

When buying a doll, you have very high expectations of her. You hope she can match your height. But the sex doll is much heavier than many people realize. Generally speaking, a 150 cm (4 feet 11 inches) doll usually weighs about 30 kg (66 pounds), and a 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) doll usually weighs about 40 kg (88 pounds), so be sure to carefully check the parameters of the doll. Many people’s understanding of 85 pounds may be limited to their own weight, and it should be easy to lift them if they imagine they are so much lighter than themselves. But wrong, unlike humans, sex dolls are completely self weight, and their weight is evenly distributed along the dolls. Their weight is actually twice that of your imagination, and dragging heavy dolls around is a hard work. If you want to get along well with your own sex doll, you’d better buy one size lower than you think.

Is there a reason why the sex doll is heavy?

Unlike the previous inflatable dolls, the current dolls are made of metal skeleton to form the “bones” of the dolls, and TPE or silicone materials to form the skin and muscles of the dolls. So when the doll you want to buy is very high, its weight will become very heavy.

Height may not be as important as you think. In fact, sex doll can make up for her height through her hair and shoes. At least when her weight drops, you are more willing to take her around, or better enjoy the company of sex doll.

Maybe you’re still thinking about being short?

140 cm is suitable for adult dolls. Even if you are 170 cm or 175 cm tall, you will not feel embarrassed by her stature. Therefore, when the buyer’s height is about 175 cm, we recommend the height is about 145 cm.

I use a table to tell you the weight of sex doll.

120cm 16.9kg
125cm 15kg
140cm 26.5kg
145cm 27kg
148cm 29.5kg
158cm 36.2kg
165cm 34.2kg
168cm 36.9kg

I hope the novice sex doll can understand that the weight of sex doll will make you feel much heavier than that of a real person.

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