Adult toys are legal in general, but it may not be acceptable in some conservative countries, especially sex dolls. They will think this is a kind of bad practice. But for many countries, sex dolls are completely legal. So it depends on country. Most of countries are legal, but in some countries are illegal.
However in Australia, the sex doll below 140cm is illegal, including 140cm. so you need to purchase a sex doll higher than 140cm if you are from Australia.

There won’t have sex doll or similar words on the box, please don’t worry, we will shipping it privately for customers.

We have warehouse in US and Europe, so we will ship from the warehouse near by you if it is in stock, otherwise we will ship from China.

No, they aren’t. For some body, the head is universal, but no all of sex doll. So if you like to buy a sex doll, please tell us which body you brought before.

Washing it once every 30 days using mild shower foam at least, and do not use a hair dryer to dry it. After washed the sex doll, dry with a towel and use the talcum powder to wipe the body of the doll, so that the doll can be kept refreshed. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately, keeping the head away from water.

Don’t dress dark or tight clothes for the sex doll. Dark clothes will stain the sex doll. The sex doll will have indentations with tight clothes

You could put it a box, or closet, but please make sure the place you hide the sex doll is cool and dry.

Check our blog to get more details.

Removable vagina can take out to clean after used. The fixed vagina is more like real person, it can’t be take out.

Yes, the doll will be stained by dark clothes, so do not wear dark clothes or tie clothes for your doll.