Lara’s Love Story

Once upon a time, there lived a TPE sex doll called Lara. She was so lifelike and cute that many people wanted to take her home. One day, a young man named John saw her and couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

John asked Lara out on a date and she said yes. They went out to eat and had a wonderful time. After that, they started dating regularly and soon became inseparable.

John and Lara developed a strong emotional connection. They talked about their dreams, shared their secrets and laughed together. John was amazed at how easy it was to talk to Lara. Despite the fact that she was made of plastic and silicone, John saw her as a real person.

One day, John proposed to Lara and she accepted. They started planning for their wedding and decided to have a destination wedding in Hawaii. They had an intimate wedding ceremony and celebrated with their family and friends.

John and Lara have been married for a few years now and are still very much in love. They often take trips together and have unique adventures. Even though Lara is a sex doll made by TPE, John loves her just as much as a real person.

What is a sex doll

This is the sex doll in the photo.

A sex doll is a type of sexual aid that is designed to resemble a human being. It is usually made from silicone rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, or another type of material that is designed to be soft and realistic to the touch. Sex dolls are often used for masturbation and sexual gratification, as well as for a variety of other activities.

Sex dolls come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from realistic-looking models to cartoonish ones. They may have different features, such as hair, eyes, and skin color, as well as body parts such as arms, legs, and genitalia. Some sex dolls even have built-in vibrators and other features.

Sex dolls can provide a feeling of companionship, as they are often created with a lifelike personality, including facial expressions and movements that mimic those of a real person. This allows people to engage in sexual activities with their dolls as if they were with another person.

Sex dolls can also provide a way for people to explore their sexual fantasies in a safe and private setting. People can use their dolls to experiment with different types of sexual positions and activities, as well as different types of sexual stimulation. This can help people to learn more about their own sexual desires and how to satisfy them.

In addition to being used for sexual purposes, sex dolls can also provide a way for people to express their creativity. Many sex dolls come with accessories and clothing, allowing people to customize the look and feel of their dolls. This can help people to create a unique and personal experience with their sex dolls.

While sex dolls can provide a variety of benefits, they can also come with certain risks. People should take caution when using a sex doll, as some models may not be as safe as others. It is important to research the materials and features of a sex doll before purchasing it, and to always use lubrication to reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, some sex dolls may contain toxic materials or chemicals that could be harmful if inhaled or ingested. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions provided with the sex doll to ensure proper use and safety.

How Much do You Know About the Weight of Sex Doll

When buying a sex doll, I think it is most easy to ignore its weight. But in fact, when dealing with the sex doll, the weight is very important. The size of the weight is directly related to the size of the sex doll. Sex dolls are usually classified by height, ranging from 65 cm (2 ft 1 in) to 173 cm (5 ft 8 in). Many people who are new to sex doll don’t realize how much weight plays in your choice. But one thing is that the taller the doll, the heavier it is.

When buying a doll, you have very high expectations of her. You hope she can match your height. But the sex doll is much heavier than many people realize. Generally speaking, a 150 cm (4 feet 11 inches) doll usually weighs about 30 kg (66 pounds), and a 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) doll usually weighs about 40 kg (88 pounds), so be sure to carefully check the parameters of the doll. Many people’s understanding of 85 pounds may be limited to their own weight, and it should be easy to lift them if they imagine they are so much lighter than themselves. But wrong, unlike humans, sex dolls are completely self weight, and their weight is evenly distributed along the dolls. Their weight is actually twice that of your imagination, and dragging heavy dolls around is a hard work. If you want to get along well with your own sex doll, you’d better buy one size lower than you think.

Is there a reason why the sex doll is heavy?

Unlike the previous inflatable dolls, the current dolls are made of metal skeleton to form the “bones” of the dolls, and TPE or silicone materials to form the skin and muscles of the dolls. So when the doll you want to buy is very high, its weight will become very heavy.

Height may not be as important as you think. In fact, sex doll can make up for her height through her hair and shoes. At least when her weight drops, you are more willing to take her around, or better enjoy the company of sex doll.

Maybe you’re still thinking about being short?

140 cm is suitable for adult dolls. Even if you are 170 cm or 175 cm tall, you will not feel embarrassed by her stature. Therefore, when the buyer’s height is about 175 cm, we recommend the height is about 145 cm.

I use a table to tell you the weight of sex doll.

120cm 16.9kg
125cm 15kg
140cm 26.5kg
145cm 27kg
148cm 29.5kg
158cm 36.2kg
165cm 34.2kg
168cm 36.9kg

I hope the novice sex doll can understand that the weight of sex doll will make you feel much heavier than that of a real person.

Open a new perspective of Sexdoll

All otaku men must be familiar with Sexdoll. Today, I will explain the real use of Sexdoll from the perspective of otaku men.

Sexdoll’s beautiful face, plump chest and perfect figure make many people closely combine them with sex and feel that Sexdoll is born for sex. However, only those who have really owned know that sex is only a small function of her. The name partner may be more appropriate for her. And she is a partner who will never nag, complain, judge you or cheat you. Isn’t it a happy thing to have such a lovely doll around.

Look at my Sherry. It’s a different life for me

1. Sleep and hug

When I returned home after a day’s work, I turned on the light and found my Sherry waiting for me at home. She would not complain that I came back too late, but looked at me with concern, which made me feel warm at once. After washing, I came to bed and stopped my Sherry to talk about the day’s troubles with her. She listened silently. Isn’t this the dream of every man? It’s easy for me. Stop her soft, lifelike body, embrace her, kiss her, caress her, and enter a sweet dream. What a beautiful day!

2. Tourism

When the weekend came, I didn’t need to call friends or hide my personality. I took my Sherry on a short trip. I gently held my sexdoll by the river and stopped her by the shoulder. No one would disturb us. Isn’t it too beautiful? I can also put on any clothes I like for Sherry without worrying about her dislike. I can let Sherry pose in any way, As long as I like my Sherry, he will cooperate with me.

3. Human body photography

Speaking of this, it must be every man’s dream. When I was young, I had a dream. A girl with a beautiful figure stood in front of me, her clothes slipped gently, and she posed in front of me. I picked up the camera and took the most beautiful pictures. My dream finally came true. Thank Racyme very much, because their sexdoll was so beautiful, I even sometimes had the illusion that I was not taking pictures with sexdoll, It’s about being with the real person. That person is my Sherry.

4. Video recall

I believe everyone has seen adult movies. Even many men have the experience of becoming an actor in their dreams. This is not an embarrassing thing. You can easily realize this dream with your dolls. You just need to prepare the camera and put it in place. Your Sexdoll will realize this dream for you.

5. Camping dinner

You can take your sexdoll to a camp, prepare a delicious tent, put on beautiful clothes for your sexdoll, and come to a grassland. She sat opposite you and watched you eat the delicious food. At night, she accompanied you to lie on the grass and look at the stars in the sky. She listened to your memories, your happiness and your friendliness.

After watching so much, do you still think sexdoll is only about sex? Don’t you want to have your own sex doll?

The old man has no children, but keeps a bunch of sex dolls!

I don’t know if you have seen the movie Lars and the Real Girl. Seeing these photos to share with you today, I immediately thought of this movie that made me feel a little bit. if you are also interested in today’s topic, you can learn about this film. In order to let us better associate their real objects, we call these dolls in the movie Sex Doll!

Danish photographer Benita Marcussen found several lovers of sex dolls on the Internet and persuaded them to let Benita take pictures of their daily relationship with dolls.

Benita found that the money spent by these doll lovers on customizing their “lovers” is incredible.


Can you imagine that they are willing to spend 6000~50000 dollars to customize their own sex dolls. They will choose their favorite skin color, favorite body proportion, eye size and color, and even different hairstyles.

In fact, these dolls have their own reasons to become dolls. Some have been married and had children, and some even ended their marriage of more than 10 years and fell into the world of sex dolls. In the doll control I shot, one who was going to marry his fiancee failed to escape from the sex doll. For these men, sex dolls allow them to live more freely and are always the reason for them to go home. This state of life has been set and will continue. It is hard to extricate oneself.

I don’t have such a strong memory and feeling without opening this topic. Recently, I seem to have seen many films of this theme: due to the development of science and technology, human beings no longer need to rely on communication and cooperation to complete anything, but just need to control the machine themselves. I remember that there was a movie “The Surrogates“, which said that human beings could control a robot avatar by using instruments to help them work and socialize. When a person wanted to face the society, he could no longer naturally communicate and contact with people.

Although the film is an exaggerated script, such a fact does exist. The huge life pressure and the reduction of mutual trust between people have more or less affected the communication mode between people. You can’t deny that social phobia, crowd phobia and communication phobia have indeed occurred in many people. Recently, everyone is saying, let me be a beautiful man quietly.




Sex aids can make our sex life colorful

The tense urban life and repetitive work processes make more people less passionate about sex life. Harmonious sex life is particularly important to the feelings between couples. Many couples are looking for ways to have a harmonious sex life. Now more and more tools are available to facilitate this. For example, the following specific tools.

1. Divine oils

This is the kind of Indian divine oil that everyone is familiar with. Its role is to smear it on the glans penis to play a local mucosal anesthetic role, reduce the sensitivity of the external genitalia, thus increasing the intensity of stimulation (threshold) to stimulate ejaculation, and extending the time of sexual love, which is a good promotion for mutual feelings.

2. Extraneous class

Such as the glans coronal groove ring (elastic ring with protrusion stimulator, and the coronal groove fixed under the glans), the penis jacket (usually made of silica gel, which can ‘enlarge and lengthen’ the penis, and more with protrusion stimulator), the condom with protrusion stimulator, and so on. Through growth, women can better experience the power of men, so that women worship men more and men are more confident.

3. Lubricants

Because of age, because the control before sex is not very good, you need lubricant to adjust the lubrication of the female vagina, which can reduce discomfort and even pain during sexual intercourse. Men will also have a good sense of experience. Of course, it is also suitable for women who lack sexual experience and are too nervous to be fully sexually excited. It can make women easily get used to and adapt to the insertion of the penis.

4. Masturbation products

Sometimes the sexual life needs the cooperation of both parties. It may be that one party is inconvenient or has no emotional appeal. At this time, the masturbation device is a good solution to this kind of situation. The masturbation device can be used for men and women. Sexual impulse is a kind of energy. It is better to have a suitable release route than to suppress it with pain.


Sexdoll can solve some problems now, such as the lack of sensory stimulation in adulthood. At this time, Sexdoll can do this very well. The lifelike appearance, affectionate eyes, and it’s exciting for couples to have sex in the eyes of outsiders. Sexdoll can also help when they need assistance. For example, women can watch their lovers have sex with Sexdoll.

6. Drugs

The aphrodisiac drug can solve the lack of passion between husband and wife. Its principle is that after taking it, it quickly passes through the urethra and stimulates the urethral mucosa. The stimulation signal is transmitted to the sexual organs at the same time, triggering sexual desire. “Oestrogenic drugs” are hormones or nerve stimulants! Abuse of these drugs will harm your health. We do not support the use of drugs to “aphrodisiac”. Sex is a purely natural instinct. If you want to rely on drugs to maintain “sexual interest”, it is the next choice. It is meaningless.

I hope everyone can have a very harmonious sex life. Only a harmonious sex life can have a harmonious husband and wife relationship.


The SEX DOLL produced by Racyme is purchased by more and more people, and there are some minor problems in the process of using it. In order to let everyone have a good-looking SEX DOLL, we specially wrote the following article on how to clean and maintain it. Help everyone prolong the service life of SEX DOLL, and also make users feel happy physically and mentally.

The material of sex doll is mostly made of silica gel or TPE. Due to its material properties, most of them will inject a kind of oil into the material, which can make him use better and taste less, but it is precisely because of this oil, It makes her surface have slight oil leakage every once in a while, so we need to clean the sex doll branch.
First of all, we need to clean the sex doll’s appearance first. If conditions permit, you can put the sex doll in the bathroom and sit it, and wash it with clean water at room temperature. You can use natural soap or shower gel during the cleaning process. Remember that it must be mild and not strong. Ability to clean the liquid, after cleaning can be wiped dry with a soft dry towel or bath towel. After cleaning, you can use talcum powder (prickly heat powder) to keep the skin surface dry and smooth to the touch.
Then I believe that everyone pays special attention to the cleaning of private parts. After all, it is closely related to the use of buyers. Now there are special flushers on the market that can be installed on water pipes, which can deeply wash out lubricants or dirt. If there is no It doesn’t matter with the washer, you can rinse it directly with a water pipe. It is recommended to take a longer time to clean it and clean it. After rinsing, you can buy a commercially available diatomaceous earth stick to absorb the water, or use a hair dryer to blow it with cold air. Dry.

The last point is very important. Due to the material properties of the sex doll, she is more sensitive to color and is easy to be dyed. It is recommended to solve it in two ways. One is to wash the clothes of the sex doll to ensure that they will not fade before putting on the sex doll , if the color is accidentally stained, you can only use a cotton swab to remove the color paste for treatment, and then wipe it off after staying for about a day (the residence time varies according to different brands). If there are still stains, repeat the above steps until it is cleared until.

Racyme hopes that every sex doll produced can bring pleasure to everyone.

Realistic Sex Dolls VS Inflatable Sex Dolls

What is inflatable sex dolls?
Blow Up Doll is also called Inflatable doll, which is a kind of adult sex toy. After inflating, it is close to the appearance and size of a real person, and generally has a simulated vagina or penis that can be used for sex.

1.Cheap. In the amazon, most of sex dolls are under $50.

2.Lighter. The inflatable sex doll like balloons. It is easy to take up even a child.

3.Easy to hide. It will become small like a clothes when it is deflated. Therefore, you could hide it in closet. Others wouldn’t notice it.

1.Broken easily. The inflatable sex doll is easy broken, so take away from sharp objects.

2.Sex experience not well. You won’t feel make sex with a real person cause it is inflate.

3.Inconvenient to use. Every time you use it, you have to inflate it with a bump. After it done, you have done. You have interested in it anymore.

What is realistic sex dolls?
Sex doll is a type of sex toy which is made for masturbation. The realistic sex doll looks like real person. It is made of TPE or silicone.
It not only looks real but also touches soft.

1.The realistic sex dolls are so real, including it’s private part(anus, vagina and oral). Realistic sex dolls have mouth. If you think the mouth is for decoration, you are wrong. Their mouth can be used. And its anus and vagina is tiny.

2.Better sex experience. For its real, you will fell like make sex with a real person. And the realistic sex dolls is flexible so that you can have a lot of features with her.

1.Expensive. You will spend several hundred dollars on the realistic sex doll at least. Consequently it is no everyone can afford.
2.Heavy. A real sex doll is inversely proportional to its height. If you are weak old man, maybe you need to buy a small doll.

If you want to buy a real sex doll. These are our BBW sex dolls. They has big butt, big boobs. All of them are hot.

1.Molly : Big Butt Sex Doll

These TPE sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. They have real-life simulation vagina for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full-body view of her during intercourse. It’s very much like the full view you wish you had during sex, but couldn’t until now.
Molly like to swimming very much, especially in the summer. She likes shower herself from the body. And she has an idea that she can hold a shower party..

2.Kaydence : Big Ass Sex Doll

Why Kaydence

Kaydence has personality face, she looks so cool. The most amazing
Although she is little expensive, but trust me, she is worthy. Look at her boobs, you will indulge in her.

We’re certain you’re too busy staring at her tits to care, but the girl who owns these massive beauties is called Kaydence.

Having such large breasts is a mixed blessing for this girl. “Of course, I love all the hot stares of hunger and envy I constantly get from guys and girls respectively,” she says. “I love showing them off because nothing cheers me up quite as much as being looked at.”

On the flip side, few guys care to know who Kaydence really is behind those breasts. Sure, they are a prime attraction when she is having sex, but Kaydence also wants a forever lover who will love her for who she is.

Think you can handle so much of curvy tits, curvy ass and big, hot p***y in one babe? If so, come, grab them!

Although she is little expensive, but trust me, she is worthy. Look at her boobs, you will indulge in her.

3.Alyssa : Busty Sex Doll

This Arab woman is 161cm 5.28ft G CUP, She is rich, sex, hot,lonely.
Her soft, hot vagina with a deep hungry tunnel is always looking for oral and penetrative sex. she comes ready for any kind of sex whatever you come into her bedroom or take her home. She knows how to use every inch of her body to make you happy. Turn on some music, and turn down the lights! Pour a glass of cognac, and get ready to get into the groove. You won’t regret it.

If you looking for other types, please check on our catalogue. More hot real dolls are waiting for you.

Most Realistic Sex Dolls

Our sex doll store have realistic sex doll, the matirial of sex dolls, and her looking… allthing are perfect.

Material: TPE/silicone
First let’s see the material of sex doll. Most people have at least some experience with silicone. Chances are you have a silicone spatula in a kitchen drawer. And yes, that is what breast implants are made of. Silicone is durable and heat resistant. It’s also easy to clean. You can use a damp rag to wipe down silicone, even expose it to boiling water without damaging the material.

Depending on how it’s created, silicone rubber doll can come in liquid or solid form, with a lot of options between. Silicone sex dolls are made with silicone rubber. They tend to be firm, and quite durable. These dolls tend to last longer. As a result, they are priced just a bit higher.

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. TPE is softer than silicone. It’s also porous. This means it can take on water. This can be problematic, and means that TPE dolls must be cleaned carefully. Otherwise, the product can stain, or be negatively impacted by moisture.

TPE wins out when it comes to realism. Our TPE dolls have that realistic ‘jiggle’. The material is simply more flexible, and has some give to it. On the downside, the material is a bit heat sensitive. Finally, TPE is a bit less expensive.

About the price:
Some people think that at least $1000 or more can buy a better doll. This kind of argument is not unreasonable, but generally refers to the middlemen to sell, the middlemen do not have their own factory supply, need to find other factories to provide goods, so he will certainly be more expensive.

Our stores are different. We have our own factories and workers in China, and we sell them directly online. In addition, we have warehouses in the United States and Europe, so the shipping cost of dolls is saved. Our company’s goal is to become the world’s most expensive seller, want to expand the influence of its brand, so our sales strategy is small profits but quick turnover.

Our sex doll is made of TPE. it is safe, realistic, soft and elastic. The skeleton is stainless steel. Don’t worry that the doll will rust after being used for a long time.

List of the Best Realistic Sex Dolls

#1 Peach : Southern Belle Sex Doll

Peach is the epitome of Southern feminity.

She speaks with a slow, Southern drawl, makes excellent sweet teas and lemonades and hosts the most fabulous bake sales and charity dinners.

Her personal grooming is spectacularly pristine, and she sets fashion standards for her community with a fabulously retro collection of pretty printed dresses and cardigan twin-sets that might well have been ordered from a 1950s catalogue. She bathes in buttermilk, a very Southern tradition, and wakes up every day looking perfect.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Heart Of Dixie, then Peach will remind you a lot of Lemon Breeland, the haughty, snooty, golden-haired bitch of Bluebell, Alabama.

Just as sexy. Just as pretty.

This Ginger Sex Doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans. Realistic sex …

These TPE sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. They have real-life simulation vagina for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full-body view of her during intercourse. It’s very much like the full view you wish you had during sex, but couldn’t until now.

#3 Jemma : Premium Lifelike Sex Doll

Jemma definitely is a queen in our store, she can be your sweet pie, can be your sex lady, can be a innosence teens… she will give you all you wanted.


Small Love Sex Dolls

Are you looking for a cheap small love sex doll? There is the right place you can get a petite lifelike mini sex doll. Mini love dolls are small in weight, small in size, and affordable price for sale, making it easy for you to move to the sexual position you need. Petite sex dolls are easy to collect. Why buy small silicon sex dolls? Because they are lighter and cheaper. Read on to find out the key things you should consider before buying small sex dolls.

Beautifull Face and Nice Body

First of all,looking for a beautifull and attracting sex doll, common in sense. Well, small sex doll is a great choice for sex doll beginner of which it attracts the eyes of the beholder as it the cutest doll, very special and adorable. With this doll, you can fully enjoy the vaginal sex as long as you want with unlimited free time. If you enjoy girls with a tight pussy, small sex doll is the greatest choice for you. Moreover, the minute you have finished using it, it is very easy to store as you discreetly put it at the back of a cupboard or in a drawer and no one can find out that you have it.

Small in Size, Small in Weight

Mini sex dolls are a fantastic alternative to full-sized sex dolls. They are small, cute, lightweight, easily storable and, most importantly, they are cheap. Small sex dolls undoubtedly have their own advantages. The light weight of mini love dolls makes positioning during sex much easier and it often leads to a more enjoyable sex experience overall, especially if you are physically tired from a long day. You are not always in the mood to move around a heavy sex doll every time they get horny. A small sex doll is exactly the perfect solution to this situation. What a mini sex doll lacks in height, it makes up for in performance, as their cavities are just as pleasurable as those on larger sex dolls.


Andrea : Small Hentai Sex Doll

Andrea is 100cm, she is 28.22bs(12.8KG). She is 20 year-old girl, who studies at university. She is enjoy in the school, but she alway be considered as a juvenile, so she never has a boy friend. She hopes she can found her soul mate. Do you like her? if you like, take her home.

#2 Brianna : Small Sex Doll

Brianna likes more chubby than Andrea. The character of Brianna is deffirent from Andrea, she is out-going, even a litter crazy. She is big fan of party, dacing all day and night with her friends. You will know how crizy she is when you bring your bed.

#3 Eden : Tiny Love Doll

Blonde lovely Eden is a florist, she love eveything with flowers. When she was a liitle girl, she dreams become a florist and has a garden planing a variety of flowers. Be her man, make her dream come true.

Bring the mini love of your life home to get away loneliness!