Will Sex Dolls Destroy Relationships?

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I saw a question Do You Think Sex Dolls Will Destroy Relationships? I so confused and curious when I see the question, because I never thank the question like this. Most of people buy sex doll(How to Buy a High-Quality, Realistic Sex Doll?) who are single. I ignore that some people will find her soulmate one day and some people want to buy love doll even they have partner. So they wonder will sex doll ruin relationships. In the article, posted some thoughts depend on Quora. Some of them considered sex dolls will destroy relationships, because they cannot accept their partner have sex doll. (Should A Man be Ashamed of Buying A Sex Doll?) But some of them, who are disagree that sex dolls will destroy relationships. They think that A lack of communication ruins relationships instead of sex dolls. In my opinion, it depends on the folks involved. Some couples can use it as sex toys to improve their sex but are taboo with others. There are different opinions: (Reference from Quora)

1.Some people think that people ruin relationships instead of sex dolls. A lack of communication ruins relationships. If you both enjoy and communicate the sex toys add to the fun if that is what you both like. If one person isn't really into it and the other one is and they don't communicate than as a secondary issue, they can come into play.Its really an individual situation for each couple.
However, other people agree sex doll can destroy relationships. They clam that sex is sex. Relationships are relationships. People need to learn they over lap but are not dependent on each other. In fact, the more you focus on “relationship” the less sexy things become. Eventually, you end up in a monogamous arrangement with a friend and no sex.
2.I think they probably can. Probably. They are so easy and do offer a different kind of quick hit stimulation that people can’t. With a vibrator, a woman can hold it on her a clitoris and even if she’s not turned on, then very soon she will be and fairly soon after again she will be organism. And if not then she can turn it up to a higher setting.

Reasons of sex doll will destroy relationship:
1. Personal thoughts (the person cannot accept sex doll). Some people have traditional ideas that cannot accept sex dolls. They are considered that sex dolls are taboo. Even some of them cannot talk sex. If your partner is a traditional person, I think you can try to convince your partner first. Even I think that sex doll can improve the sex experience. In my opinion, the sex doll is a sex toy.
2. Who are treat the sex doll as a lover. We all know that lifelike sex doll is very realistic, realistic skin touch, beautiful face, hot shape, and there are many styles to choose. Such as Japanese sex doll, mini sex doll, BBW sex doll. In our realistic life, it is difficult to find out, but a doll can do it. So some people put too much emotion into these dolls and treated the real love doll as a real person. If you are the kind of person, it is definitely will ruin relationship. But I think the problem lies in people, not sex dolls.

Depends on the folks involved.
If the relationship are healthy, mature adults, no. The use of sex toys makes the relationship more awesome. Sex toys are a great way to make things up. exploring new ways to have fun with sex toys, and bring more pleasure into the relationship. Sadly, not everyone can use it well. To people who are sexually insecure, sex toys can be threatening, and the mere suggestion of using them will provoke great gnashing of teeth and wails of "do you think I'm not good enough. I'm a failure if you need to use sex toys. oh no they will replace me you won't need me any more giving you pleasure is supposed to be my job why will you even need to keep me around if you have that aaaaargh!!"
If the folks involved in the relationship come from that mindset, yes, the use of sex toys might ruin the relationship--though honestly, if a sex toy can ruin your relationship, it probably wasn't much of a relationship to begin with.

As far as I am concern, for those who have partner, the existence of the sex doll will not affect, but they are honest to each other. Of course, if the other party really cares, and the other party insists, then their relationship have problem.
For some people who are single but want to further to their partner. So they worried that sex doll will affect the relationship. Before go further the relationship, you should ask your partner whether her or she can accept the sex doll. Trying to convince your partner.
All in all, it depends on person.

And I like a perfect comment on this question:
Like any addiction, a preference for the simulation received from a sex toy can ruin a relationship if it substitutes for sexual desire expressed towards a human partner.
If a person absolutely cannot achieve gratification without them, it's not the toy but the need for it that destroys the relationship.
Whether that addiction is to toys, drugs, alcohol, extreme internet online multi-player game-lock or something else, it's not the thing but an individual's addiction to it that is the ruinous factor.
Like alcohol, most people can enjoy the occasional drink without getting fall-down, blackout drunk, but some can't have a drop without imbibing to the point of re-hab.
Sex toys have both saved and ruined relationships, but if the question is asked as generically as you, then I'd say that it CAN happen but the nature of toys as a supplement to sexual practices is not, in and of itself, a cause of ruined relationships. (Reference from Quora)

What’s your opinion, please leave your comment.

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