Why do men need to buy sex dolls?

Apr 29 2019 2 Comments

Why do men like sex dolls? Why do they pay thousands of greenbacks on lifelike silicone dolls rather than following real women?

Below area unit quotes from real sex doll house owners on why they bought a taboo sex dolls. Source: dollforum.com

Top three Reasons:
For a stronger sex life.
For society, and to fight loneliness.
To satisfy a selected doll fetish.
Quotes from Doll Owners:

"For me, i am simply bored with being alone. Already been there my whole life, don't desire to measure out the remainder of my life that means too. I figure a faux lady is healthier than no lady in the slightest degree. other than that, any lady I may realistically be with would not look nearly pretty much as good as a number of the dolls people area unit mercantilism out there."

"I simply got bored with being alone. Most of the ladies I went out with got pissed once race season dawned and that i visited work on race cars on most weekends. and that i don't desire all the pinnacle games that real girls bring with them."

"It looks that the whole dating/marriage idea has become form of a death-trap for males. notwithstanding however you are attempting to play it, she is going to continually hold all of the cards and can presumably use them at some purpose.

Dolls area unit a decent wise various. girls with sex dolls meet their desires tolerably for the arrangement to be property."

"I was married for twenty five years, most of the last 10 years were sad, currently that i am single once more the very last thing i need may be a (real) relationship. faux Male Sex Doll do not complain, there continually there, ne'er have a headache. dolls win."

"I started with a latex balloon fetish in my youth. Real dolls men like dilated into expansive dolls then silicone polymer dolls.
The dolls don't seem to be a substitute for a relationship, they're only for a form of fantasy."

"Never had a girlfriend, tried on-line geological dating for years with zero success. I had reached some extent in my life, wherever i believed identical as you. Having a doll is healthier than having no feminine presence in my life in the slightest degree."

"My social life is nearly nonexistent... functioning at night and sleeping till the crack of hour with enough time to eat, get alittle calculate in and shower once, then head to figure... No time to appear for a relationship, tried on-line geological dating to no avail, and a few major trust issues(from terribly unhealthy experiences) have lead American state to wanting a doll"

"To capture the wonder of feminine expression in pictures. I even have continually loved what some have through with their photography of them."

"Playing w/ my GI Joe, Stretch Armstrong and then on were fun as a child, however the important FUN started once my cousin-german asked American state to play w/ her & barbies ( I had Ken ) .... Ken got naughty w/ the Barbies once she was away!"

"With dolls, I will be myself. i do not got to place up a façade to trick them into needing to be with American state (which i used to be ne'er notably smart at anyway). they are continually there on behalf of me, they do not decide American state, do not pressure American state to vary into what they expect American state to be. Granted, they are no substitute for real human interaction, however I even have my friends and family for that."

"I have continually wished some sort of sex doll ever since i used to be a child and apprehend do extend dolls feel smart. i take advantage of to shop for Barbie dolls then build them anatomically correct. I even have a set currently. Went through a part of inflatables however continually desired one thing additional real."

"I simply got bored with walking into AN empty house once a nerve-wracking day at work. All I even have to try and do is see sex dolls that seem like real individuals smiling within the corner and apprehend everything goes to be ok. i do know my home is still empty however a minimum of with my dolls here it doesn't feel empty."

"I'm married, however get means less sex than i might like. Doll sex not solely makes up the distinction, it satisfies several itches that married sex won't: Sex acts the married person does not do with American state and a few i might be afraid or embarrassed to even enkindle."

"My fascination with stunning realistic mannequins, women's fashion, futurist movies regarding androids, and also the fleshlight semiconductor diode American state to the present."

"Not sure, i am a decent wanting guy, and may devour women with no downside.
I think its beat the fantasy, i used to be continually into anime and that i guess it grew from their. most my dolls area unit Asian or have the anime look to them."

"I wished a companion. Real dolls for ladies area unit necessary and that we will hug them into sleep. Or not feel lonely once I play pc games. I realize her too cute. The elf model that I even have bought."

"I bought my 1st doll (an inflatable) to "practice" with since I had problems with lasting power in bed. once I got comfy enough thereupon (it took regarding four years) I truly did not extremely meet anyone World Health Organization I wished to induce concerned in, and living on the geographical region you ne'er apprehend what rather malady someone can be carrying around. Dolls have the advantage of being clean and out there, so that they become a natural progression step."

"I primarily simply wished a girlfriend that would modify my incapacity and wasn't fat. once years of attempting and endless rejection, i made a decision to induce a doll."

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  • Facts:. I’m 62, overweight, have 2 felonies, no real bank account, and I live in a tiny home. I’m a bit shy at first, making me tongue and that makes a negative first impression. I’m tired of being alone. So…. I got a doll.

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