What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex With a Sex Doll?

Aug 08 2020 4 Comments

What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex With a Sex Doll

So you’re interested in getting an adult sex doll? Or maybe you’re just considering the option and wonder what it would feel like? There’s nothing to be ashamed of—countless people from all over the world have grown to love sex dolls.

And why wouldn’t they? An adult sex doll is always available, can look simply amazing, and will never give you a hard time, no matter how rough you get. “But what does she feel like,” we can hear you ask, or more specifically, “What’s it like to have sex with a sex doll?” That’s a great question, and one that we will gladly answer today.

Before You Start — Common Myths About Adult Sex Dolls

By this point, you’ve probably heard a lot of bad things about adult sex dolls. Some of the most common claims of sex doll detractors include:

  • Adult sex dolls only look good on photos. In real life, they’re outright disturbing.
  • They are cold, like dead bodies.
  • Getting one is a bad investment, as they fall apart quickly.
  • Sex with an adult sex doll is simply boring.

While there may be some merit to those statements, they only apply to the cheapest models. High end sex dolls will not only be absolutely stunning, but will also be soft where you want it, and firm where you need it. Furthermore, a silicone or TPE love doll will stay warm for a long time, so if you take certain measures, touching her will feel just as good as squeezing your favorite pornstar.

Speaking of said measures, you can make your experience with an adult sex doll so much better if you:

  • Use plenty of lube, both for your pleasure and to avoid chafing the doll.
  • Heat the doll up, either with a heat blanket or a USB vagina warmer. A silicone or TPE love doll is particularly good at retaining heat.
  • Refrain from using her for oral sex, unless she was specifically made for that purpose. There will be more on that later.
  • Clean her properly after use, unless you plan on having another go very soon.

Touching and Kissing an Adult Sex Doll, and Oral Sex

Aside from their somewhat smoother skin texture, high end sex dolls will feel just like the real thing. They have been modeled on existing women (often actual pornstars), and additionally enhanced to be even more enticing. That rule extends to their faces, breasts, asses, and even the specific shapes of their vaginas and anuses. If you want them, there are even flat chested sex dolls.

The face of an adult sex doll is beautiful, her lips enticing and soft. When you kiss her, her mouth will part and open, fully accommodating you. You will even be able to feel her tongue and teeth. A kiss will seem so real that, if you manage to pry your eyes off of her long enough to close them, you may as well forget that she was a doll.

Speaking of an adult sex doll’s mouth, in most cases, you’ll want to avoid oral sex. Gratuitous amounts of lube will help, as will heating the doll up, but she will neither provide suction nor do any of the work for you. If oral sex-like sensations are what you want, you’d be better off getting a different—and far cheaper, masturbation aid. Furthermore, and depending on the model of the adult sex doll, rougher oral sex may end up damaging her and tarnishing her beauty.

No one wants that.

Vaginal Sex With an Adult Sex Doll — What’s It Like?

The vagina of an adult sex doll has been molded from an actual woman’s vagina. It is soft, pliable, anatomically correct, and will fully accommodate you. Remember, sex dolls have been made with your pleasure in mind, so if you’re on the larger size, the doll’s vagina will stretch. If you’re a bit smaller, she will retain her tightness, assuming that you don’t share her with anyone (which you shouldn’t do anyway).

Yes, a sex doll’s vagina won’t be warm to start with, but you can easily mitigate that shortcoming. Just buy a USB vagina warmer and insert it into her a couple of minutes before your private time. And even if you don’t, your own body heat will quickly rub off on her. Patience is a virtue, even when having sex with a love doll.

One thing that you’ll always want to make sure of is that you’re using plenty of lube. A high end sex doll is pretty durable and can withstand a lot of pounding, but going in dry won’t do wonders for her tightness and integrity. Plenty of care has gone into your sex doll’s vagina. Treat it well and it will respond in kind.

Anal Sex With a Sex Doll — No, She Won’t Mind

A high-quality adult sex doll has the ass of a goddess. Not putting it to use would be a gigantic waste, wouldn’t it? You can spank her all you want, and her ass cheeks will wobble as if they were real. Best of all, she won’t complain if you get a bit taken away and spank her too hard.

And for when you’re feeling up to it, you’ll be glad to know that the anus of a love doll is just as functional and anatomically correct as her vagina. Lube it up well, and you can have her any way you want. It will feel incredible, and distinctly different from using her front. As a reminder, nothing is stopping you from using a vagina warmer on her anus to heat her up.

Conclusion — You Get What You Give

Of course, everything we’ve talked about here applies exclusively (or mostly) to high end sex dolls. Just like when it comes to actual relationships, you get as much as you’re willing to invest. If you buy a blow-up doll, then a blow-up doll is what you’re going to get. If you invest in a great adult sex doll, however, you will get a pleasure companion that will last you a long, long time.

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  • Ive been thinking about getting one. too. it seems like fun. All this covid 19, Id want to pleasure myself with .

    Steven on
  • All above is true, Darcy my doll is amazing, I have done everything possible with her i ve done with my wife, although I rarely use condoms anymore it was recommended but it’s not easy to describe how wonderful she feels, I’ve been fucking her for three years and love her

    Al on
  • Im thinking about it now, it sounds like a lot of fun too.

    Steve Dwter on
  • I am interested!

    Bobby on

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