Top 5 A-cup Sex Doll

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Most of man like big boom, but sometimes the smallest boobs are the best breasts. So if you like small boom, looking for A-cup breasts. The article may be helpful. Now let’s see top 5 A-cup sex doll.

#1 Graceful Beauty Audrey For Male Love Silicone Doll

Audrey is a super cute blonde girl. She is from America. She is breast is A-cup, but it is soft and beautiful. The small boom is suitable for her body, because she is skinny. From her picture, you can see her body. Her family is too poor to provide nutritious food for her, so she is skinny.
And here are key features:
Bra Size:A-cup
three Entries Of Penetration :Oral ,Anal,Vaginal, all of these can be used.
She likes to play Guitar and swimming. When she is six years old, she can swimming. Nobody teach her, she from by herself.
She wonders a man can swimming with her in the sea, and taking a lot of photos for her. And after her man come back she can play guitar to alleviate the fatigue of the day.
“Beside you can make sex with me, I can do everything for my man, never complain” she saying.
So, if you like her, take her home, she is waiting for you.
#2 145cm(4ft76) A-cup Sex Doll Grace

If you want to purchase an A-cup sex doll, then Grace is a wonderful love doll. She is Japanese girl with slim body.
Grace is cute lovely girl. 145cm is 4ft76 tall and the smallest breasted of any of the body styles. She has a long waist with natural proportions. Her breasts are small perky A cup and her realistic looking and feeling vagina is available either fixed or replaceable.
she studies at Dancing school, she can dancing well.
“If you want to watch me pole dance, I will bring my skimpy, sparkly, go-go dancing girl bikinis to tease you with,” she promises. “Have you take my bra and panties off with your teeth, and then watch me dance as I sit on your cock and ride you hard to the rhythm of the music…”
#3 145cm 4ft75 A-cup Sex Doll Stephanie

Stephanie is a quite and lovely sex doll, she like to play hide and seek.
“I will hide something, and you you try to find it. I’ll give you a few hints. It’s an object,and it’s near to me. But you don’t expect to see it. Are you intrigued? Let’s make the game more interesting- when you come to me, I’ll start take take my clothes off. Do you like my breasts and my ass, my body? ”
Stephanie never have sex before, now kiss her, touch her. Whatever you want,she can do all kinds of naughty positions. She is ready. She is going to make your wildest desire come true.
#4 145cm(4'76") A-cup Sex Doll Ewong

The love doll Ewong is a sleeping beauty,who are closed her eyes.waiting her prince.She looks so enjoyable, so it is perfect make sex with her.
She commands your attention everywhere she goes. You just can’t assume her presence. Her beautiful chisel-shaped face, blonde hair,small lips, soft A-cup breasts, and fantastic ass are too much not miss.
She always quite and stay at home to waiting for your long as you turn up and slide into her when you are around. It's too exciting, isn't it? What are you waiting for? Enjoy numerous sex positions with her, anywhere in the house.Take her home.
#5 145cm(4'76") A-cup Sex Doll Selina

Selina is the last sex doll I recommended. Selina is a traditional Japanese love doll.she moved from Japanese to American for her study.Her grades are very good, especially mathematics, the Japanese are always very good at mathematics.But she is too weak,she always ill. Some one say is because she don’t like sports,and never go out.
“I really hope can make friends in here, but I too shy to do that.I pray someone take me away.”
Truth me, this young Japanese woman is obsessed with fantasy sex. She’s a bestselling author of fantasy porn, and In the evening, she date out with an anonymous man in the Harajuku area of Tokyo.
She has life-skin super soft skin, her pussy, ass and mouth to enhance skeleton with extra strong wrists and joints.This unusual mix of a smart, hungry mind and a slutty, ravenous pussy drives men wild.
These are the Top 5 A-cup sex doll in our store. If you want to see more A-cup sex dolls, please move to racyme to pick. The price of our products is definitely cheaper than other shops, but it is high quality and good after-sales service. If you have any questions, please leave a commend or consult customer service by e-mail.

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