The Breasts of Sex doll-solid Breasts, Hollow Breasts, Gel-filled Breasts

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We choose dolls mainly to see whether sex dolls are realistic, materials are not safe and prices. The realistic degree of Sex doll directly affects the sense of use. And sex doll’s breasts is also a point of our focus.
At present, there are three types of breasts for sex dolls, hollow breasts, gel-filled breasts and standard breasts.
In this article, we will introduce what is hollow breasts, gel-filled breasts and standard breasts, and their pros and cons.

Standard breasts

Standard breasts also called solid breasts. They are fill with solid TPE or Silicone, whichever material your doll is made of. These breasts will be firm and perky yet still have a decent softness and bounce that you can expect from high-quality TPE and silicone. You should select this option if you're not too picky about breast feel and wish to save on upgrading them. The standard breast option will be realistic enough and not worth to buy hollow breasts. The breasts are solid breasts for most of brand, if you need hollow breasts, it is more expensive than solid breasts.
Solid breasts are soft. If you buy a TPE/silicone sex toy before, you will know that felling.

Pros: Firm. The solid breasts are firm than hollow breasts, so they would not sag.

Cons: Hard. It is harder than hollow breasts, some people don’t like.

Hollow breasts

Pros: Softer and more realistic. The hollow breasts will more softer than solid’s, so it is touch feel like real. If you are looking for a softer breasts, you should buy this type breast. Usually if the breasts are hollow, they would describe it on the website.

Pros: Lighter: Make the doll little bit lighter, if you buy a chubby sex doll, and her breasts are huge, buy hollow breasts will decrease the weight.

More Jiggle: the hollow breasts are soft and springy, so you can shake it easy.
More popular: as we mentioned, the solid breasts are popular in right now, but more and more people are like to buy more soft breasts.

Cons: Slightly more vulnerable to tear, but the material won't tear up easily, please don't over think the risk here.

Gel-filled breasts

Standard breasts are not soft, the hollow breasts are too soft. We want to purchase sex doll with soft but firm breasts. The gel-filled breasts solve the problem. Gel-filled breasts are newest breasts. Gel-filled breasts was used in real woman, but now it is used in sex doll, in this way, gel-filled breasts are soft and would not sag easily.
Soft: the felling as same as real woman, because gel also used in woman, which make their bust look bigger.
Firm: It is firm like solid breasts, but soft like hollow breasts.

Cons: expensive. A sex doll is expensive, gel-filled will pay more money. Yes, it is not free. You need to pay more $70-100.
Limited: only some brand have gel-filled breasts.

How to choose?

If you have enough money and are looking for soft breasts, hollow breasts and gel-filled breasts are suit for you, but gel-filled is more expensive than hollow breasts. If you think standard breast is fine to you, you should buy standard breast sex doll. In some website, hollow breasts and standard breasts didn’t pay extra fee. In our website, most of sex dolls are standard breasts, some sex doll have hollow or gel-filled breasts option, if you like the two types breasts, please contact our customer’s service.

Our website has different size standard breasts

#1 BBW sex dolls
These BBW sex dolls have huge boobs, if you looking for huge boobs sex doll, I would recommend standard breasts. If BBW sex doll is hollow breasts will collapse, because hollow breasts are empty in the middle, they'll collapse if they're too big

Look at Belochkina, she is M cup, if her breasts is hollow, you can’t play it long time.

#2 flat chest
If you are looking for small breasts, our website has B cup. But only for 145cm, 155cm, 158c cup, 173cm sex doll. In this size, you can hold on easily. Like this picture.

#3 F cup
In our store, most of realistic sex doll is F cup. It is perfect for medium sex doll. It would not look weird.

If you want other types of breasts, please contact our customers service.

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