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Sex doll brothels are become popular in resent years. And some of people say it is a trend. If you don’t know sex doll brothels, you may out of fashion. A sex doll brothel is similar to a brothel, but the prostitute is sex doll not human being. Sex doll brothel has open and it is legal in some countries. We are curious why sex doll brother are popular and what can it help us, most important, how it work.

a sex doll brothel stated it would be opening in Toronto at the end of the summer, another just recently announced its intention to open in Vancouver in the near future, and yet one more was just announced in Houston. (report by Vice Oct 5 2018)

Why it become popular?
Pros:1. Sexual doll brothels could provide sex to who are shame and afraid make sex with real woman.
2.The dolls could also provide an alternative for people who have unsatisfying monogamous relationships. Maybe it’s a sexless marriage and they’re seeking sexual fulfillment, but they don’t want to violate the vow that they made to their partner. Some woman go with their husband, their husband make sex in sex doll brothel, who are waiting outside. These woman say they can accept their husband seek sex in sex doll brothel, because it is a doll not a human. According to a search, about 15% people are dreams to have sex with sex robot in 4000 people. They claim that it is same making sex with sex doll and sex robot.
Cons:Sex workers would lose their job if sex dolls replace sex workers.
A sex doll could not perform emotion。Some sex workers told us, they are always being a psychotherapist. A lot of costumers want to poured out her troubles, instead making sex with them. A sex doll without mind and could not perform emotion, so sex dolls can not fulfill their needs. A sex worker says“They talk to me about their troubles ... it’s a lot of genuine human connection. I do have clients who don’t have sex at all and they just want to cuddle and talk to me.”
Some supporters say that way who can enjoy any fantasy or fetish their desire without judgement or shame bringing the ultimate sexual experience.

How it work?

According to a report, in a nondescript bedroom in an undisclosed industrial neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, Erika is being prepped to meet her first john. Before her appointment, an attendant will wash and sterilize her. Then they’ll dress her in the white tank and black thong underwear fitting for a French-Canadian girl-next door. Finally, the attendants will help Erika into position on her back, one leg bent, with her eyes trained intriguingly towards the door. On their way out, one last touch: a quick spray of Erika’s signature perfume. Every time he smells it, he’ll think of her.

The layout of the brothel is also very particular. The owner consider that some customers are shy and don’t want to see other people. So they build up one way hallway and one way exit to prevent clients from running into one another. During the time, customers can take a bath with the sex doll, watch porn together, and do anything they want to do with the sex doll, such as the mouth, vagina and anus sex. Sex doll brothel also offers a variety of sex toys, such as Water-based lubricants, as are condoms, which are encouraged as a safety precaution. as long as they don’t damage it. Ten minutes before the end, staff would tell the guests.
At the end, the sex doll needs to be flushed quickly for receive the next guest. After the employees come in to work, they would learn how to clean the sex doll quickly. First, put the doll under the shower and wash it with soap and warm water. Then, clean the hole with a pressure filled with a disinfectant and penetrated with a UVC, germ-killing lamp that’s “shaped like a dildo.”after clean, the doll is rushed back into the room to be dressed dress, make hair, and makeup touch-ups.
As a customer, when you enter the store, the staff will ask you what kind of sex doll you need, and you can choose the album of the sex doll for you to choose. After you have selected it, tell the staff how long you need, and the staff will lead you to her room. A sexy sex doll is waiting for you in bed, now you do whatever you want.

Although the sex doll will clean after use, some people still worry get STD. We would suggest you buy a sex doll. These dolls are sexy and charming. You will be her owner, enjoy her buy yourself.

#1 161cm(5'28") G-cup Sex Doll Cloris
Cloris is a hotel attendant. You know what. She enjoys serving all kinds of men every day and every night. I know how much you appreciate a girl with curves because I have the right amount, just in case. Your lust ridden stare tells me a lot about the kind of person that you are going to be in bed. The signs are looking good that you too want to bang in bed with all your might till there is no more energy left.So Why don't you come and have a try?

#2 163cm 5ft35 F-cup Sex Doll Eliana
The love doll is Eliana, she is from Audubon. she is mixed race. her mother is Indian, She's a fitness coach now. There are many men looking for her to teach them. She knows these men are looking for her because of her figure. she has F-cup breasts and big ass.

"I can look so much more alive and vibrant; you’ll love what I can do. Now come join me under the blanket, we’ve got some serious chilling to do!"

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