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A sex doll can be made of a lot part accessories, such as head, feet, hand, legs. Besides, Sex doll accessories also include wig, eyes, clothing, cleaning pots and etc. Somebody will curious why sex dolls separate so many parts, in fact, it is not difficult to understand.

The first reason for users storage the realistic sex doll easily. For example, the head, hand, and feet can divide from body, then the sex doll can hide more easier.

Second, the users can change the accessories are broken, instead of buying a new one. It is a good way to save money.

Third, get a new doll. For example, if you change your head, then you will have a new love doll.

In this article, I will introduce some sex dolls accessories, and recommend some sex dolls accessories. If you are interesting in, keep move on.

Wig: Nowadays, there are all kinds of wigs in market, including curls, straight hair, white, black, gold wig, long hair and short hair. And now the wig not easy to knot than before. If you want to know how to clean wigs, please visit the article I wrote before. How To Maintain And Clean Your Sex Doll? In this article, I have introduce some approaches how to maintain and clean your sex doll and accessories.  

Eyes: maybe some people dont know the eyes can change. In fact, the eyes color also can change. There are blue, green,brown, black and white color. So you purchase a color what you like, or buy different color for dress.

Head: The head is the most people looking for in all sex doll accessories, because changing the head is equivalent to changing a new doll. Faced with different heads every day, the user can keep the doll fresh and affectionate.
Note: the head should match the body, id not will not installed.

Hands, legs: Some dolls feet and hands are detachable, but if you want to buy a detachable sex doll, you should look careful. Because most of them cannot detached.
In most of sellers, they selling a part of the doll which cannot install to the doll. They may be a ass and vagina, lower body, chest and upper body. All of these called sex torsos. Torsos are suitable for people with limited budget. And torsos also are convenience to store.

Clothes: in my opinion, you can buy their clothes in every shop, I mean it is not necessary buy on sex doll shop. You can buy every one you like, but pay attention to buying light clothes because dark clothes will stain. The dyed doll is difficult to clean, and many people have to discard it because the doll is dyed. In addition, try to buy loose clothes, do not buy very tight clothes in order to show the body, if you want to see the body, I think neck is best. Too tight clothes are not conducive to wearing and taking off, and it is very likely that the doll will be caught, leaving a mark, causing the doll to deform and affecting the appearance.

About how to wear the clothes for doll.


There many styles of wigs, and there are many merchants. Only two wigs are shown here.
These two wigs are more common, but the more common the style, the easier it is to take care of. Curly hair is harder to care than straight hair, because it is easier to knot, especially cleaning the wigs.

Feeling: The two models feel the same, feel better than Amazon, and pay for it.
Good-looking: I think both of these are good-looking, belonging to the wild model, regardless of face type
Price: higher than the peers
Our shop also has wigs, if you need, please contact customer service, the price is cheaper than this.About wearing a wig for love doll.

The different eye colors of the dolls make the dolls look different, especially when playing cosplay, the color of the eyes is particularly important. it is easy to buy sex doll eyes, you can buy it in Amazon, Ebay etc. And the price is not expensive. So in there it is not recommended

Here are some tips to change sex dolls eyes.
Step1: open out the eyelids with your index and thumb gently, be careful don’t open too much.
Step2: taking out the eyes with your finger or a toll.
Step3: insert the eyeball. Insert the eye in the cavity sideway the eyeball facing you should be inserted horizontally, just follow the shape of the hole.
It may be difficult to change in the first time, but after you can easy to do that. Just practise several times.
Heads are also easy to buy online, but you need to pay attention to the size, not all heads and body can match.
The way to change realistic sex doll’s head is similar with change its eyes. Just need to tighten the screw. And this is one of store buy heads.

About how to change the realistic sex doll’s head.


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