Making Up for Your Sex Doll

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Everyone likes beautiful things, but you will be tired when you look it every day. This is also true for our sex dolls, so many people want to make makeup for their sex dolls, but they don't know how to do. In this article, I will tell you how to make makeup for your doll, and where to buy its cosmetics, clothing jewelry and other accessories.

1. For most people who buy a sex doll, the sex doll is partner instead of a sex toy. It's more like a true companion, although it cannot talk,sometimes company is best. So some people are not satisfied that his doll looks like a style forever, want to see more doll shapes, but do not want to buy more than one doll. Then makeup can meet this need.
2. In addition, the makeup of the sex doll will gradually fade over time and need to be re-applied for her.
3. The makeup is accidentally knocked off, causing the doll to look bad.
These are very likely to make your love doll re-make up, but please ask a makeup artist is expensive, not worth it, and it is difficult to get a makeup artist who specializes in makeup for the love doll. Furthermore, please ask the makeup artist very strangely and may receive a different look from others. Some people may think of sending back the original business, asking them to make makeup for the sex doll. This is fine, but the shipping cost will be more expensive and the time will be longer. These reasons will give you the idea of trying to make your own favorite sex doll makeup.
Reasons for taking pictures: In order to look good, in order to satisfy the sense of accomplishment, in order to leave memories. No reason, just want to do this.
So we need to make up for our lovely sex doll.

Where to Buy Sex Doll cosmetic:
First, we need to buy cosmetic for our sex doll, if you have then you can skip the step to how to make up for your sex doll. The cosmetic you can buy on Amazon, or physical stores.
You can then buy eyebrow pencils, eyelashes, blush, cleansing oil and makeup brushes. But it's worth noting that the eyebrows of sex doll are the most difficult to make. The first makeup is not recommended. I even recommend that most people don't remove the eyebrows. Give your doll a lipstick color. Change the wig and the eye color is perfect.
In addition to cosmetics, you can also buy accessories, jewelry, headwear, beautiful clothes, etc. for your sex doll.

How to make up for your sex doll?

First of all, take a good moisturizing agent or a good makeup remover and apply it to a piece of fresh cotton. Then, spread it over the face of your sex doll, and then gently remove the makeup that was previously applied. Clean the face properly with the cotton. It is recommended that you buy a makeup remover that is especially for silicone/TPE sex dolls. Ensure that before doing all this, you neatly pull back the love dolls hair, so that no damage is caused. You can even remove the wig to make it easier or you. 
The main areas for you to focus on are the eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Later, you can come to the cheeks. 
Step 3:
We’ll start by gently using an eyebrow pencil and filling the light eyebrows and making them look slightly darker. This gives the face expressiveness that will really turn the heat on!
Step 4:
Once that is done, you need to apply mascara, a product to enhance the eyelashes, to her eyes. We recommend you use this product because this will make her look extremely sexy. I personally prefer a girl with thickly done eyelashes. 
Step 5:
Cheekbone powder blush is usually applicable on the cheek to sharpen them.
Using the big brush in your makeup kit, get some powder and tap off the excess.
You can then swirl it gently on both cheeks. Avoid putting too much of powder onto the cheekbones, which would give her an unnatural look.
Remember that TPE skin is already a perfect complexion without any red spots or imperfections, which is why you will not need foundation powder.
Step 6:
Next, put on lipstick to your beloved sex doll. The color of lipstick you want to see on her luscious lips when you kiss her and have sex with her.
Now, your beautiful love doll is ready for you. She is ready to get pampered and loved by you.

All in all, the eyebrow is most difficult, here is article about draw the eyebrow, this article introduce draw eyebrow very detail, if you are interested, click the link to visit.

Finally you finish, make your doll is beautiful, charming. So you may want to take photos for her. You can take her to beach, taking a lot of sexual pictures or others.

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