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Many people may have many problems when they first purchase a sex doll, such as: What materials should I buy? How to choose a cost-effective sex doll? how to choose the right sex doll? how to buy best sex doll and so on. If someone could answer these questions, you would save a lot of trouble. In this article, I will introduce a few useful communities and forums about sex dolls, I hope these communities and forums is helpful.

What is more, these communities and forums are not just for novices, but also for sex doll admirers.

cover doll

Cover Doll is a big forum which discuss sex dolls. The information about dolls is very complete, and all kinds of materials are organized and introduced. It also has three forums under it, ther are: DollForum, Doll Album, Doll Harem.

These are great for love doll buyer and love doll admirers.

Our Doll Community

This community is smaller compared to the cover doll, but that doesn't mean it's not a good place to discuss and learn love dolls. This site is about me, my brothers, sisters and cousins of all makes. Within these pages are advice on doll purchase, maintenance and repair, as well as a forum for discussions about us.  If you have a doll, are looking to buy, or just interested in life sized dolls, then you will find useful information here. 

The special of the forum is that it has a market for buying, selling dolls and accessories., include used love doll. Although we do not recommend buying second-hand dolls, because dolls are often considered to be personal items, there high risks get infectious diseases to use second hand love dolls. But I have to say that here you can buy cheap doll clothes and used dolls.

Talk sex doll---

Maybe you have some questions about the love doll, you want to ask and figure out. You post your question on the forum,but the response is too slow, and the person who are reply you is not a professional person, so it may be mislead want to get a professional answer. Then Talk Sex Doll is a good choice.

Talking about sex dolls and censorship doll blogs, there are news articles that you know and don't know, almost every day, you can also comment, talk about your point of view, or the interesting things of those who have dolls around you.

The simple design homepage of Talk Sex Doll is perfect.There is no advertisement, giving a very comfortable experience. Going to the homepage, you can see the latest blogs, or you can also watch them by time.


On this website you can ask any questions about the sex doll, and then the people who know will reply to you. Of course, you can also see the questions posted by others, and you can respond to others if you know. There is a special classification for this forum is cosplay. This column is about how to give your doll cosplay, so it is highly recommended for people who like to dress up dolls and cosplay dolls.


This website is not really a website dedicated to dolls. There are a lot of content, but in here you can search for some useful information about sex dolls, so it was put in. 

If you known other communities and forums,please leave your comment.

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