Inexpensive Sex Dolls in 2020

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Seems 2020 is not a happy year. In this year, we have a lot of terrible things. In now, the covid-19 spread all over the world. The best way is stay at home, do not gathering or party.
So when you stay at home, you may watch porn movie. And this moment, sex doll is a another game for you.
We know most of us are interested in a love doll, but the price is so expensive that we give up.
In this article, we are going to introduce some inexpensive sex dolls to you. Some customers curious why our sex dolls are cheaper than other shop. First we are selling the sex doll from our manufactory, secondly, we wish everyone have enough money to buy it. These sex dolls are not for the rich, but for most of people. That is why we provide affordable price.
And we are going to introduce four sex dolls to you. The first one is a BBW sex doll, second is blonde sex doll, third is milf sex doll, the last one is Japanese sex doll. These doll are most perfect with inexpensive.

#1 N0.3 Ship Party Queen Jacqueline Realistic Silicone Doll

This sex doll has blonde hair, white skin, sex red mouth, a slim wrist, but her Bra size is F cup and big ass, which are make many girls jealous. What is important, she only sell $749, if you get a discount code, she will more cheaper. Do not hesitate, just buy it. She will be a queen in your party.

The story of Jacqueline
She likes hip-hop very much. She is a top one dancer in her school. She is really cool when she is dancing. She has a lot of fans, including girls. She always receive gifts from her fans, like flowers, hat, sex Lingerie and so on.

#2 152cm(5'00") G-cup Sex Doll Gloria $950

Most of BBW sex dolls are expensive. The price at lease $1300, this BBW love doll is $950, it is cheapest in our shop. She has a mature face and knows a lot of skills in the sex.

The story of Gloria
The realistic sex doll of your dreams, Gloria stands 5ft (152cm) , has big breasts(G-cup), and cute butt. She works in a bar.

“I know how to excite and tease a man to the highest plains of pleasure, and I know how to keep him seduced and happy, so he never strays from my side. I make slaves of men, and I enjoy my complete sexual power over guys who cannot get enough of my incredible goddess body.” she saying that.

Come on, tie her up with pearls and then have hot, sweaty sex with her!

The high-quality material simulation makes it feeling real touch.If you have her, you will have a different life experience.Similarly, she needs a man to love and take care of her.So act quickly.You attempt to take her back home.

#3 163cm 5ft4 E-cup Sex Doll Mona

Mona is a elegant sex doll. She is a lady liked by parents. She act a lady, who won not give any trouble to you. When you are sad, she will company you, whatever you do, she will not complain. Staying at your side is her dream.
She is 163cm 5ft4, E-cup. She has three holes: Vaginal Depth: 6.3 in. / 16 cm. Anal Depth: 5.5 in. / 14 cm; Oral Depth: 4.7 in. / 12 cm.

The story of Mona
Purple is her favorite color, the color of purple means elegant, mystery. So she will use purple eye shadow and dress purple tee dress. She wishes the purple can give her more confidence and good luck. She dreams she can find her prince as soon as possible.
She is suitable be a wife. She is taught to become a good partner. So she knew everything, including cleaning the house, cooking delicious food and being a assistance in your work.

#4 162cm 5ft4 E-cup Sex Doll Belinda

Belinda is Japanese sex doll, she has white skin. Man can not move when see her eyes. She is really good at coquetry. If you want a girl like a pet, you should take home immediately. Now she is $1299, and you can get a discount from our store. A sweet 162cm (5ft4)sex dolls are worth.

The story of Belinda
Belinda is protected well since she born, which is own to coquetry.when she made mistakes, she will admit it and make coquetry. And then everything will go away.
Her coquetry general reduction of the shrunken neck, depending on a man's shoulders with a pink sex lingerie.

So these four sex dolls recommended to you today. If you want to purchase more cheap sex doll, we also provided. another cheaper sex dolls will short and slim but with high quality. The quality if all sex doll in our shop is high, if you have any quality problems, please contact us, we will solve the problem for you.

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