How To Use A Sex Doll

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Sex dolls make our sex lives more interesting. Although sex doll have been created for centuries. Now it is more realistic appearance. We want to buy one to improve our life. However, it is not everyone know how to use it or they believed that a sex doll only use in sex. In order to make your sex pleasure, and for abandon prejudice to sex doll. Something you need to know.

First, selecting a legal seller and buy a sex doll. It's best to buy one you like, because some of people for save money to select a sex doll random. if you are the first time buy sex doll, you don’t know how to select, you can visit the article: how to buy a high quality realistic sex doll. 

Open Box & Assembling Your Sex Doll
Use a knife, a knife, etc. to open the package along the seam.
After placing the package on the floor of the room of your choice, cut the tape along the top of the box to open it. Be careful not to cut too deep, don't cut your beloved doll.

Wash your hands!
Now you can take the new sex doll out of the box and you don't want to dirty or mark her original skin with dirty hands! Wash gloves thoroughly before touching the doll.

Untie the head of the new doll
On the thigh of the sex doll is a football-sized filled foam ball, which is the head of the new doll. Carefully remove the foam wrap and remove the head of the bag. Please put the head of the sex doll on the bag on the floor next to the box.
Tip: When not in use, you can save the bag to store your head.

Mount your head on the doll
Point the screw on the head of the doll to the nut of the body, rotate the head of the doll till tight. And now you can start use your doll.

Make love with her using your favorite post
Most of our doll have three holes can be used-oral, vagina and anal. the doll is soft like human and it is flexible, so you can make sex with her in different post.

Other Uses of Sex Dolls
A partner: take travel with the doll
Before traveling with your sex doll is to run a research on the country or state you will be traveling to. Online platforms now allow you to type in any queries you may have about what to carry or not to carry on your vacation. Some countries with strict sexuality laws may prohibit you from having your sex doll on the trip.

If the country you are traveling to permits the use of sex dolls, it is now time to pack it up. It is essential to choose smaller sizes of sex toys as the large ones can be quite hectic to pack.

sexual education:
In fact, the sex doll is very realistic now, so the use of the sex doll can be used not only. . Can also be used as a tool for sexual education. Can be used as a preliminary understanding of the human genital props, can also be used as a demonstration in the class. Some countries are more conservative about sex and are not willing to tell their children, but sex education for children can help children better protect themselves from sexual abuse and lay a good foundation for future "sex" welfare. secondly, Sex education for children can promote the formation of children's personality and shape the good personality of children. Freud proposed: "Sex" education for young children can avoid the occurrence of mental illness
thirdly, can meet the needs of children's cognitive development, broaden the knowledge of young children
Last, in an open society, sex education for young children can avoid the adverse effects of social “sex”
Use in Art
Some people will use sex dolls to project their art. For example, a movie in Japan tells the story of an inflatable doll to to depict human emotions and feelings. Telling the loneliness of the present person through the sex doll. Although the actor is not really a sex doll, there is a movie with a sex doll.

All in all, sex dolls have many uses. Although a sex doll id expensive, but we believed that it is worth. No matter how you use your sex doll, we hope you can get wonderful experience with your doll. Even better you'll be able to enjoy the time you spend with your doll so much more.

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