How To Maintain And Clean Your Sex Doll?

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Buying a sex doll not just for sex but as a companion. That is why it is extremely important to understand how to store and care for your doll. Maintaining a doll correctly can improve your sex life and extend the life of your doll.
These are some tips that can help you to take care of your doll better.

It is recommended to wash once every 30 days using mild shower foam, and do not use a hair dryer. After the sex doll showered, dry with a towel and use the talcum powder to wipe the body of the doll, so that the doll can be kept refreshed. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately, keeping the head away from water.

Refrain from dark colored fabric and tight clothing. The clothes for the dolls are preferably light, because dark clothes are likely to stain the dolls. Especially the natural skin sex doll. Too tight clothes may leave indentations.

3.Wig care:
It is suggested that clean wigs at least once a month. Using synthetic or human hair shampoo to wash the wig. Rinsing from roots to ends with lukewarm water before you wash the wig. Do not rub the wig when washing the wig, because it would knot. So you can use conditioner after washed, which can avoid the wig knots efficiently.

Some people try to make up for their beloved doll. It is perfect if you know how to make up. Using common cosmetics to make up, and take off the make-up with cleaning oil.
However, if you never make up before, it is recommended to draw lipstick in the first time, because it doesn’t need complicated skills. Making up others after you mastering more skills, especially eyebrows, because a lot of people cannot draw the eyebrows well.

How to store the doll is an important way to prolong the life of dolls. There are two best ways to store the doll.
You can put it into a box, other room or your bed, but please make sure where is cool and dry.
The another best way to store sex doll is hanging. You can hanging on your closet.
Either hanging or lying to store your sex doll, make sure it’s dust-proof. At all times, cover your sex dolls with an easier to clean.

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