How to Buy a High-Quality, Realistic Sex Doll?

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Before you make a decision to buy a realistic adult sex doll,there are something you should to consider.

The first thing to consider is How much do you want to spend buying a sex doll. Different materials, different sizes of realistic adult sex doll are different prices.The second thing to consider is which material can you select,silicone or TPE. The third thing to consider is the size and appearance of realistic adult sex doll.There are a variety of realistic adult sex dolls,you must know what you need.The following tips you must to remember:

1.How much do you want to spend buying a sex doll: Different materials, different sizes of realistic adult sex doll are different prices.According to affordable abilities to choose.

2.which material can you select.there have four type of sex doll, include blow-up doll, cloth and stuffed sex doll,silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll.In the market, the more common materials are silicone and TPE. These two type sex doll are more like real human, so it means you would have better sex experience with the sex doll.If you don’t known which one is suit for you, you can view the article TPE VS Silicone, How to Choose? The article may be can help you.

3.Height: before you buy a sex doll, you also need to figure out what height do you want to buy.if you are the first time to buy sex doll, it is recommended that do not buy a high sex doll, because mini sex doll may more convenience for a beginner.what is more, mini sex doll have advantages, if you are interesting in it, please see the article Top 4 Mini Sex Doll.

4.appearance of sex doll: when you buy a sex doll, you can buy which face depend on your favor.but it not necessary. You can pick a your favor when you choosing.

5.what kind of breasts do you want: all men are like big breasts, but too big may affect beauty of the doll and increase weight.

6.seller:about the seller, please do not try to buy it in illegal shop. The sex doll produced from an illegal seller has not undergone a rigorous processing procedure, and the sex doll may have many bacteria, which is harmful to your physical and mental health. Second selecting a seller who provide after sales service. If there is any problem after buying it back, it can be solved very well.

7.shipping and packaging.The last point is to consider the transportation problem. Choose to have a warehouse in your own country. First, the probability of the doll being damaged is relatively small, and the second one you can receive the goods as soon as possible. Racyme has warehouses in the US and Europe,so that we can ship for customers as soon as possible.

Our company, racyme is a high-end adult products manufacturer,we selling the product directly from our factory.The product has sex dolls, condoms, sex toys,etc.
The materials of the product is imported.

The doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans. The skin has pure natural luster and smooth feelings by touch. Her pretty face is sculptured by an experienced sculptor. These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before. The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to ensure the limbs can be free to extend to create all sorts of poses.

We have different heights to choose from, as well as various types of mini, BBW, Japanese sex doll... and different color choices. If you don't have any of these sex dolls, you can also customize a sex doll that belongs to you alone.

Here are our two best sex dolls



Nina is a fitness trainer, working in a gym. She has long hair, and perfect body with F-cup. A lot of man ask her to teach them, not only for her body, but she is gentle and knowledgeable.

She eats healthy, stays fit and gets aroused quite easily when she’s in the company of her man. She has the energy and enthusiasm to make love all night long, and no matter how you want Lina to please you, she’s always up for the challenge.

“I offer full adoration to my future partner and I’m excited to see which among you men will prove to be my Prince Charming and ride off with me into the sunset.”she says.


158cm 5ft18 F-cup Sex Doll Skyler, she is sweet girl, has beautiful looks and witty mind. she is waitress, but she is love to make love.
“I make slaves of men, and I enjoy my complete sexual power over guys who cannot get enough of my incredible goddess body.”
“On our first night together, I will dress in the most arousing lingerie you have ever seen, and make a special dessert for your. you’ll get so excited, you will be tearing them right off my body with your teeth!” she says. “Until then, I promise I am keeping myself decent. But don’t make me wait long…”
who is the lucky man...

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