FQAS About Sex Dolls

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Q1:How to dispose sex doll when you don’t want it
3 tips for you
Resell it
The ideal method is to resell the doll in second market, but the way is suitable for do not damaged doll. If your doll is broken, it will hard to selling out. Some sex doll forums and websites provide the service to selling used sex dolls.
The buyer will contact you if somebody want the doll. All things you do is to post information of the sex doll on these site. If someone wanna buy, they will contact you directly. In this way, you will earn some money, and buyer can buy a sex doll with reasonable price.
Throw in the garbage:
This is the easiest and most convenient way to dispose the doll. Before throw it, the doll is wrapped by a black bag or an opaque bag first, or put it into a box, and then stick a label on the outside to indicate that it is a sex doll, because the lifelike sex doll is very realistic. If you throw it into the trash directly, it is weird.
contact seller.
Contact the original seller or other recycle seller. Asking them whether to recycle it. These materials are recyclable, sellers can cut off used part and leave clean parts. However, this seller is really. Most of seller unwilling to recycle it.

Q2: Are sex dolls legal?
The doll itself is an adult toy. Adult toys are legal in general, but it may not be acceptable in some conservative countries, especially sex dolls. They will think this is a kind of bad practice. But for many countries, sex dolls are completely legal.
So it depends on country. Most of countries are legal, but in some countries are illegal.

Q3: How to custom your sex doll?
First, pick up your dream sex doll in our store, and choose various on our site. For example, what skin color do you want. There are four options to choose:natural,tan,wheat and black,if you don’t want to to choose, then you can select the color showing as picture. Other options as same as the skin color. The default color of eyes is brown. In our store, the insert vagina and standing sex doll don not need pay for extra fee. The insert vagina is easier to clean, especially in winter. After used, take out the vagina to wash. The standing feet can standing, it is convenient to take photos for your sex doll. About differences between insert(removable) vagina and fixed vagina, please read this writing. Insert (Removable) Vagina or Fixed Vagina

Q4: Will it have “sex doll”words on the box?
There won’t have sex doll or similar words on the box, please don’t worry, we will shipping it privately for customers.

Q5: Is safe to pay? payment steps and payment security
Absolutely safe. Our website is a regular website, please rest assured to buy. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Payment steps 
First, register an account, add the doll which you like to the shopping cart, and fill in your personal information. If it is completed, double check again to ensure that your personal information is correct. PS: you can offer the address of your home, or to the local express center, or wait for picked up by customers when it arrived.
Specific information click here: how to make payment.

Q6: Promotional activity&discount coupon
When you enter our shop, you can pay attention to the homepage. There will have promotional activity erratically. The promotional information and discount code will be displayed in the banner. Some customers do not use coupon codes. Don't forget to use the discount code when you get the discount code. When you pay, the discount code will be displayed on the right. Fill in the discount code you see on the homepage and the system will automatically reduce the price for you. Click here for specific steps: how to use coupon.

Q7: How to take care of your sex doll?
Most people buy dolls not just for make sex with her, but for company. For your honey, you have to take care of her carefully. If you buy a doll for make sex, you also need to clean and maintain it so that you have desire. In addition, if a doll kept well, it can be sold out easier if you don't want them anymore.
Tips to care for the doll:
1.Please dry with a towel after cleaning and apply baby powder.
2.Do Not use a hair dryer on the doll after washed.
3.Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally, read the article how to wash wig.
4.Do Not wear dark or tight clothes for your doll.a dark clothes will dye you doll. Once dye the color, it is hard to clean. If you give your doll wearing tight clothes, the doll will leave indentations.
5.Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping / knocking / breaking the doll.
1.The doll should be cleaned every 30 days with mild shower foam.
2.The head should be taken off and cleaned separately, but be careful the screw. The screw should away from the water.
4.Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth regularly.

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