Buyer’s Guide To Buy Sex Doll in 2020 And Newest Sex Dolls to Recommend

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All we know the sex doll. Maybe you have know a lot or you only know it like a sex toy for solve adult's sex demand. actually sex doll is not only use in sex, but in other ways to use.  How To Use A Sex Doll. Sex dolls have a century history. Nowadays, there are have inflatable sex doll and realistic sex doll.
They're usually cheap, light, easy to carry and hide, and easy to dispose of if you want to get rid of them: just cut them up with scissors and throw them in the trash. Cons: it doesn't feel like a real person. You have to inflate it every time you use it.
The benefits of inflatable dolls: they are cheap, light, easy to carry and hide, and easy to dispose it if you want to throw it away. but it doesn't look like a real person and you have to inflate it every time you use it.
A realistic sex doll looks like a real person. It's soft and realistic to the touch. The Cons: it's expensive, so not everyone can affordable.
At present, there are two main materials to made of realistic sex dolls. One is silicone and the other is TPE.The similarities and differences we have posted a blog: TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls, How to Choose?
After know basic information about sex doll. Now let's look at how to choose a sex doll.

Tips to buy a sex doll:
If you don’t lack money, then you can buy a doll optionally, or you can order a expensive doll in a store where you thinks it is best. But you also may get a sex doll is different with the pictures on the website. If you don’t want to waste your money, hoping get a dream doll. You have to spend some times to read this article.
You can go to Amazon or Google to search. It is best shop on a store has several years on amazon, in the Google, you can shop on the shop posting on front pages. And you should have to know the policy about return, deliver time and after-sale service.
Next, choose the type you like. We will introduce it later in this article. Before you order the doll, you need to know the weight, make sure you can hold it up. The point of the weight is very important, because it will affect your sense of use. when you use it, you can not make the post you want If the doll is too heavy. And after use it, you have to clean, so so make sure you can pick it up.
How to Buy a High-Quality, Realistic Sex Doll? How to Buy Best Cheap Sex Doll?
The guide also suit for women pick up men sex doll. More details check How To Choose a Male Sex Doll-Guide For Woman Buying a Male Sex Doll

the another thing you should is How to maintain  and keep your sex doll clean? If you put it back in a damp or hot place and leave it untended for a long time, it will soon be ruined.Taking good care of love doll is conducive to extending its service life and giving full play to its utilization value. 

How much a sex doll and Where to buy sex doll?
Do you want to buy cheap sex doll? Racyme is a best seller. Our store has 5 years. our factory has advance tecnology. which is operated by the company from production to transportation to sales. Therefore, it is cheaper than agents and has good after-sales service.

we have following types: 
Mini sex doll
Japanese sex doll
Blonde sex doll
BBW sex doll
Ebony sex doll
Male sex doll
Sex torsos
Sex toys
Sex robots
A list of top 5 popular sex dolls in 2019
Top 1 100cm(3'28") D-cup Sex Doll XIXI

Mini sex doll XIXI always our top one sex doll, because we like lusty girls. Anyway We love XIXI so much, and still love her in 2020.

Top 2 158cm(5'18") C-cup Sex Doll Olivia
Olivia is a typical Asian face. She has a round face, which makes people want to pinch. Big eyes and black hair. I guess this is why she captured the hearts of many men.

Top 3 145cm(4'76") A-cup Sex Doll Ewong
There are not many sex dolls with closed eyes in our shop. Ewong is the best one in the this type. She looks so quiet and she is a sleeping beauty, waiting for his prince to wake her up.

Top 4 163cm 5ft4 H-cup Sex Doll Dominique.
Her figure is the dream of women, but for men, who are want her. With white skin and beauty, plump breasts and hips plus a slim waist have become our shop's most popular love doll in 2019.

Top 5 Husband Love In Want Beauty Shae Lifelike Silicone Doll
House wife is also very popular among men. Maybe everyone wants a sexy and hot lifelike sex doll. After returning home, you can drive away the tiredness after seeing her.

A list of newest sex dolls in 2020
#1 170cm 5ft7 F-Cup Sex Doll Jeanette
This love doll is preparing for Christmas, so if you have see our shop, you would know that. However, This doll is not only used for Christmas, but also suitable for Christmas.Her body is fit, attractive and healthy.

#2 165cm(5'41") F-cup Sex Doll Vicky
Vicky like the blue color, which represents innocence and purity. She likes all blue things. Now she is wearing blue outfit, blue shoes, lying on the blue bed. But her hair is golden, she want blue hair. Come on take her home, give her blue hair, she will tell you hoe to do.

#3 171cm 5ft7 H-cup Sex Doll Bialar
If you are looking for a special realistic sex doll, this elf sex doll I would recommend to you. She has pointed chin, elf ears, slim body. Maybe you will regard she is cold, but actually she is easy-going and like to reading.



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