Blonde Sex Dolls

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The blonde is usually used to describe the yellowish -colored hair of a female. It is stared from a movie called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. So blonde girl is usually used to a girl who have light colored skin and blond hair and blue or grey eyes. A lot of people looking for a blonde sex doll, so blonde sex doll become most popular sex doll now.
So, if you are looking for a blonde sex doll, the article is suit for you.
When you in our site, find Shop By Type-Blonde Sex Dolls, then you can choose a favor realistic sex doll in it. In this catalog have nine pages, and a lot of type blonde sex dolls.

#1 Teen blonde sex doll: Happiness-maker Ludmila In Golden Hair Nature For Men Toy

This sex doll Ludmila has young face, her face is round, but it is cute. If you bring her home, sleeping with her. You will fell younger like her. The feel is fall in love with her in college, but her wive blond hair make her more mature. This blonde sex doll is small boobs, her size is B cup. The size is suitable for her body and face, which makes her looking very young.
Key features of ludmila:
Skin Color:Tan
Upper Bust:28.74in(73cm)
Lower Bust:24.02in(61cm)
Cup Size: B CUP
Foot Length:6.70in(17cm)

The story of Ludmila:
Ludmila is a student. She likes reading, she don’t like go out. She spent all time in library or stay at home. She want to be your secret lover, stay at home.
She has a Bubbly personality and a Sensual small boob with perky nipples that will make you stay in bed with her and be forever young.

#2 Milf blonde sex doll: 158cm 5ft2 B-cup Sex Doll Harlem

The first one we would introduce Harlem. Harlem is a thirty-eight sex doll, (I mean she looks like thirty-eight). Look at her eyes, it is a warm, relaxing, subtle, charming and sexy mystery contains space. You will feel she wants more and more in her eyes. Harlem is 158cm 5ft2, B cup. She is little chubbiness, so she is very soft.
Key features:
Weight: 90 lbs (41kg)
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 33 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Three holes are available:
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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The story of Harlem
Harlem is gorgeous with deep, smokey eyes, C-cup breasts. Her plump little tummy sets her apart from other sex dolls and makes her really accessible and lovable. She the sort of girl you take home to your mother first, and then fuck like crazy afterwards! She has strong desire, she has experience in the sex. She can satisfy you..

#3 Tall blonde sex doll: 170CM 5ft7 B-cup Sex Doll Anthea

This blonde sex doll is 170cm, she is higher. She has long legs, small boobs(B Cup), but a big ass. Her ass is round, soft and seductive. She likes to take pictures wearing sexy lingerie.

Key features:
Height: 5 ft 7 in. / 170 cm.
Weight: 75 lbs. / 34 kg.
Body Length: 59 in. / 150 cm.
Neck Circumference: 10.6 in. / 27 cm.
Shoulder Width: 14.6 in. / 37 cm.
Arm Length: 26.8 in. / 68 cm.
Palm Length: 5.9 in. / 15 cm.
Leg Length: 35.4 in. / 90 cm.
Foot Length: 9.1 in. / 23 cm.
Upper Breasts: 31.1 in. / 79 cm.
Under Breasts: 24.4 in. / 62 cm.
Waist: 20.5 in. / 52 cm.
Hips: 36.2 in. / 92 cm.
Vaginal Depth: 8.7 in. / 22 cm.
Anal Depth: 7.9 in. / 20 cm.
Oral Depth: 4.7 in. / 12 cm.

The story of Anthea
She is working in Racyme as lingerie models, wearing white lace lingerie. When she is seventeen years old, she star design lingerie. When she was a little girl, she wants to be a designer. The lingerie in our store is designed by her, she sometime wearing the lingerie to take photos on post. Now, she wants a man, because she felt empty.

#4 Big boobs blonde sex doll: 161cm(5'28") G-cup Sex Doll Donna

Donna is a middle sex doll. Donna is a G Cup Life Like Love Doll that has a killer curves that will make you sleepless. Her G cup twins will swing in your face and you can motorboat her all you like. 

Key features:
Skin Color:Tan
Upper breast: 38.58in(98cm)
Lower breast: 23.62in(60cm)
Bra Size:G CUP
Foot Length:8.26in(21cm)

Three holes available:
Oral Depth:5.11in(13cm)
Vaginal Depth:6.69in(17cm)
Anal Depth:6.69in(17cm)

The story of Donna:
She's not in a good mood recently. She's going to travel.she’s out on the prowl! She’s looking for a foreign lover, and wants to experience a steamy romance that she can’t get at home. Her English isn’t the best, but you understand her when she asks you up to her hotel room. Under her black lace hollow dress pants â€?it looks like it’s been run through an industrial-grade shredder, there’s nothing left to the imagination. She’s barbarism and ready to play!

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