Best Tall Love Doll in 2020

Jan 16 2020 1 Comment

We introduced mini sex doll, young sex doll, mature(milf)sex doll, Japanese sex doll, blonde sex doll and a cup sex doll. Today in this article we are going to introduce tall love realistic doll.
Tall love doll is suit for tall and strong men. These love doll have 170 cm.It means your height must more than 170cm, only in this way, you can hold the doll easily. Otherwise, you probably need to give up the idea that buy a tall love doll.
Pros and cons of Tall sex doll

Pros: 170cm’s looks more pretty. It is tall, so it will looks like a model compare to other size love doll. It is great to take photo, it is so realistic than other size. Secondly, when you dress it, you can easy buy shoes and outfit for it, because most of women is about the size, so it can wear normal women’s clothes.
What’s important, a small love dolls are lightweight and easy to use, but most mini sex dolls have very young faces and look like children. So people will consider who are buying a love doll is interested in children.
Cons: There are no other disadvantages except heavy. A 170cm love doll is too heavy, so when you order it, you must make sure you have ability to hold on. You can not have your cake and eat it too.

1.Elegant Sacuy Good-looking Girl Evangeline Happer-maker Silicon Doll

She likes wearing black clothes, because she looks like a cool girl.
She is tall, but strong. She like take exercise, only when her exercise, she is happy. She is lonely, she want to make friends, but she don’t know how to do. That is why roof is her favorite place.
Key features:
Bra Size:C+ cup
Height: 5.68ft(173cm)
Leg Length:31.49in(80cm)

2.Tall Polite Sexy Girl for Hot Men Judy

The face of Judy is similar with Sacuy, but she is more round. Judy was a lingerie model,so she has not big breasts and big butt.however she has long legs. She is little quite, who don’t like chat with strangers,but she is speak much with her friend. You will know, she is funny and easygoing. Come on, if you want to chat in the midnight, she is willing to do that.
If you don’t like BBW love doll, looking for a thin and tall love can not miss out this one.

3.170cm 5ft57 H-cup Sex Doll Clara

170cm Clara is a big boom sex doll. she is hot, sexual.she has short blonde hair.She works in a bar as a pole dancer. the man fascinated her dancing. she also enjoy that.

"I can look so much more sex, alive and vibrant; you’ll love what I can do. Now come join me under the blanket, we’ve got some serious chilling to do!"
Clara is even willing to Leave the present living environment if that is what it takes to get a man. She will take care of you, the house, and will never nag you. She also doesn’t care about your whereabouts, who you are on the phone with, or why you didn’t come home last night,

4.170cm 5ft7 E-cup Sex Doll Ringo

Ringo is a Chinese girl, she can dace well, especially traditional Chinese dance, ballroom dancing,Latin dance can dance well, and she also know some
hip-hop. She was fell in love a playboy,fortunately, she made a correct decision to end the relationship and look for someone who will be as into her as she’s into them. If you’re looking for a solid, no drama and loving relationship then this one’s for you.

5.Sexual Doll Ximi Showing Love For Male Toy

Ximi is a horny sex kitten.She leads a quiet and happy life. Always comfortable within herself, she’s had a good upbringing with no major problems or traumas along the way. Her last boyfriend was a bit too much of a player and she made the practical decision to end it and look for someone who will be as into her as she’s into them. If you’re looking for a solid, no drama and loving relationship then this one’s for you.

The five love dolls are we recommended, they own characteristics. If you like quiet girls, Judy and Sacuy won’t over speak.Clara is a lively girl, she likes to challenging everything. Ringo is a traditional Chinese love doll,if you like Chinese culture, she will show you all about Chinese culture. The last one is Ximi, she is sexy, loving show her perfect body.
in additional, we have other type to sell. Click here to check it. Bring your dream soul mate.

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  • I got me 2 dolls. Blue blooded Traci and my favorite Caroline. Boy it’s so much better then listening to a female bitch and spend all your money and they always cheat. Those blue blooded bitches usually fuck some rich dude (like their boss). Either way life is better with a bitch that can’t talk. Lies and fake email addresses get old fast. So I just fuck my X girlfriend and stick it in Caroline or that money hungry bitch Traci. These dolls are worth the money boy howdy.

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